What Do Dreams About Being Pregnant Mean?

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Dreams are usually interesting reflections of what lies deep within us. Inevitably, some are delightful, others are scary and others are downright weird. Pregnancy dreams may fall in any of these categories depending on who is dreaming. Do you hope to become pregnant? This would certainly be an exciting dream. Are you a man? Dreaming of yourself as pregnant would have you screaming in your sleep, right?

Dreaming someone else is pregnant can mean you have desire to rekindle an old friendship or spend more time with a person, while dreaming of yourself as pregnant can mean a new area of your life is developing with new responsibilities.

Like with other dreams, there is definitely an explanation for why you are having such dreams. Pregnancy dreams could be anything from a sign to a reflection of how you feel. Surely you cannot brush off a pregnancy dream as one of those odd dreams. It signifies something that you should care to figure out. Rather than take pregnancy dreams literally, you should try to learn their deeper and symbolic meaning.

Pregnancy Dreams

Dreams of pregnancy can be your brain nudging you to employ some creativity to your waking life. After all, pregnancy is about the creation of life. Otherwise, pregnancy dreams could also signify dissatisfaction about an aspect of our lives.

Despite the urgent need to reach a conclusion about your pregnancy dream; take a moment to recall what you were feeling during that dream. If you were happy it’s probably a sign that you are doing something right in life. If you felt worried and there’s something you’re working on its probably because you are experiencing problems
People who frequently dream about pregnancy are usually those that missed important opportunities and have unfulfilled goals that they never discuss. A recurring pregnancy dream is a sign that you have something really serious to focus on in your conscious moments.

A pregnancy dream for someone without babies on their minds and isn’t grappling with creative vision can be daunting. If this is you; take some time to think about anything in your life that could be making you uneasy. Keep an open mind when analyzing your pregnancy dream remembering that change is the one constant about such dreams.

Sometimes our dreams about pregnancy are about our feelings on the subject. It is a manifestation of our feelings surrounding parenthood, be they positive or otherwise. It could be an implication of your denial over something happening in your real life. If you do not ever want to become pregnant this dream could signify your fear of new responsibilities. It is possible to have such a dream when we see our wishes coming true.

Analyzing Dreams About Being Pregnant

  • How did you feel in the dream: happy or anxious? If you feel happy and content, embrace the signs but if you are confused it’s probably because you can no longer control a certain situation.
  • Are you actually pregnant? Was this dream about an issue that bothers you or is it random? Most likely you are struggling with a big decision or responsibility and your mind is trying to point you to the fact.
  • If you are not pregnant, do you have a project that you are worried about?
  • If it isn’t a project, could it be something you were hoping to achieve but failed?

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What Does A Dream of Being Pregnant Mean?

  • If you dream that another person is pregnant when they aren’t in real life, it is often a sign of something unexpressed. You are bottling something inside that needs to be let out. Dreaming that someone is pregnant also suggests that you desire to be closer to them. You might be lonely or simply looking to stir up old friendships. It could also point to a period of incredible change.
  • Dreams in which you suddenly find yourself pregnant mean that there is an area of your life that is developing. However, it is something that you cannot or will not discuss. Such a pregnancy dream may also mean that you are fearful of new responsibilities.
  • Realizing that another person is pregnant in your dream often signifies a strengthening bond between you. If however, you dream that your spouse is pregnant for someone else it may point to a rift in your goals. Such a dream largely suggests that you are taking different paths and there are jealousy and insecurities. It is your mind drawing attention to the fears of your partner pulling away.
  • To see a positive pregnancy test in your dream suggests it is time to make a change in your life. It is probably that you are stuck if you are taking a home pregnancy test. Seeing the pregnancy test results point to possible judgment in your real life.
  • Dreams of pregnancy and eventual birth of twins is a very good sign. It says that you might bring an idea to fruition and gain much wealth. Twins may also signify family celebrations. Dreaming of twins may have negative connotations of hearing terrible news at a bad time.
  • Dreaming that your mother is pregnant is a negative sign. It is a warning that they might get gravely ill. Such a dream means you face a bad situation that will be very difficult to escape.
  • If you dream that your daughter is pregnant you need help with something. When a mom dreams about a pregnancy in their child it points to her concern or hopes for them. If they are worried about your age and stability they may have dreams about daughters being pregnant.
  • A man dreaming of being pregnant is a sign that they will soon be faced with conflict. Important relationships will be tested and trying to resolve them will fail. After having a pregnancy dream, men should be very cautious with their approach to people.
  • If you dream that your wife is pregnant it’s a sign that if you dedicate yourself to something it will bear fruit. Just like it takes effort to get your wife pregnant, it will take work to bring your ideas to life and see your desires come to life.
  • A woman dreaming of pregnancy is often a positive sign. It means that the woman will get into a fruitful relationship that will lead them to a happy life.
  • If you already have children and dream of being pregnant, it is a sign that you are happy. It could also mean that you are distant with your husband are reminiscing about your young love.
  • If you are a young girl dreaming of pregnancy it could be a prediction that you will lead a happy life. Conversely, it may be a sign that you are envious of other people’s joy. If you were unhappy about this pregnancy dream it probably means you will get into some kind of trouble.
  • If you are pregnant and dream of being pregnant, it is a sign that you are concerned. It could stem from a high-risk pregnancy or the likelihood of complications during birth. Dreaming of pregnancy when you are also pregnant is the mind’s way of reminding you that the baby is safe inside of you.

Weird Pregnancy Dreams

Some dreams about pregnancy are straight down creepy but worry not because they are not all negative. Let’s decode some of those pregnancy dreams that you’d rather keep to yourself:

  • Dreaming of being pregnant for an ex is an unusual but common occurrence. Those who have this dream often have harbored feelings for their ex-husbands and boyfriends. It means you secretly hope that the old relationship would come back.
  • Dreaming about a false pregnancy means that you are experiencing some problems trying to achieve a personal goal.
  • Dreams of miscarriage and abortion are a symbol of loss, inadequacy, and discontentment. It could be the loss of a relationship, trust, precious items or failure at projects. If the abortion in your dreams was by choice it could be a sign that you are not ready for change and are giving up a new direction in life.
  • Dreaming that you are pregnant and birthing a premature baby points to your pessimistic outlook on life. Because of your tendency to ignore positive aspects of life you welcome unhealthy ideas that soon become toxic.

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Spiritual Meaning of Pregnancy Dreams

For some people, pregnancy dreams have spiritual connotations. Pregnancy is valued and praised as a source of fertility and the outcome of love. It strengthens the bond between partners and ensures continuity. All cultures have their interpretation of pregnancy in dreams that are mostly positive. For spiritual people, a pregnancy dream could be:

  • A sign of upcoming change in your life
  • Symbolic of development
  • Reflection of your innermost fears
  • Symbolic of your wishes


Pregnancy means fulfillment, expectation, hope, and fear for most people. When you have a dream that you or another person is pregnant you should take time to think about the context in which it happened. Your emotions in dream mode are a reflection of your life. While pregnancy dreams have positive connotations for many, they are sometimes a warning sign.

You should be attentive to the occurrences in your waking life so that you are able to understand the messages and signs from your subconscious. Understanding what your pregnancy dream means could be the key to unlocking your future. It could help you reveal hidden desires and set you on the path to achieving your goals.

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