What Do Dreams About Death Mean

If you ever dream about someone you love being dead, then you know how frightening this experience can be. However, these kinds of dreams carry an important message you shouldn’t neglect. Death dreams don’t imply that the person will die. On the other hand, can be linked to other aspects of your life.

For example, you might be ending a crucial stage, or starting a new chapter, or overcoming an old habit. It all depends on the person who died in your dream, and what caused the death. In this article, we are going to help you reveal a hidden meaning by sharing a couple of death dreams.

When you die

If you are the one who died in a dream, then this can represent multiple things. For example, you are maybe sacrificing too much of yourself, and people or your family doesn’t seem to notice, or perhaps it’s time to put yourself in the first place, before other’s needs.


Additionally, dying in a dream can represent your bad habits that need to stop. From a psychological standpoint, death dreams mean you should appreciate yourself more and get rid of all the things that endanger your existence.

In some cultures, death can be a good sign and predicts birth.

Death of a child or a baby

Young mums often experience these kinds of dreams, especially when they realize all the responsibilities of newborn demands. Mothers are beginning to understand that they are in charge of the safety of their baby. These dreams can leave a traumatic experience on the parents.

On the other hand, older parents may dream about their kid being dead. This usually happens when kids are ready to leave the family’s nest. In this case, parents are mourning their childhood because they aren’t prepared to part off.

Death of a spouse

Anyone that dreams that their beloved one has died might be admitting that they lack in a specific quality their partner had. To understand better death dreams, you must explore qualities your spouse has, and notice if it’s the quality you don’t have.


Death can indicate a wake up call

Even though death is frightening and alarming, it’s also a wakeup call for something. Your mind is trying to grab your attention, and it means you need to take action. You should think about your feelings and the situation you are into.

For some people this might represent a health warning, maybe you have put off a doctor’s visit for too long, or perhaps you need to change your unhealthy habits.

Finding a dead body

It is crucial to observe the situation and what lead you to discover the dead body. Is it someone close to you? When was the body found? Do you know why someone has died? Once you answer these question, pay attention to your life decisions, and see if there is a link between them.

You may discover that the dead body is, in fact, some of your fears that are stopping you from achieving your goals.