What Do Dreams About Weddings Mean

Are you secretly obsessed about getting married? Do you often dream about standing in a white wedding dress in front of the altar? Even if you never spent the time of a day planning your wedding, these dreams can happen from time to time.

While they might be typical for the brides-to-be, people who are afraid of commitment can have wedding dreams. They don’t want to settle down and want to enjoy their single life. However, weddings have a significant meaning in dreams, and a lot of symbols surround this ceremony. Therefore, people always want to discover the hidden message behind the wedding dreams.

If you are one of them, then here are a couple of signs you should pay attention to:

Wedding Cake

If you are dreaming about a wedding cake, then it can represent domestic bliss and harmony. However, if you are cutting a wedding cake, it means you are in touch with your inner being.

Wedding ring

Wedding ring is a symbol of eternal love in our dreams. For people who are not married, seeing the rings can mean you have reached a new level of intimacy in your relationship. On the other hand, if you dream that you have lost a wedding ring, then it can represent that you have some unsolved issues in your marriage.

Wedding ring

Wedding dress

Wedding dresses are the biggest concern of the brides-to-be. This situation can reflect their anxiety and indicate the stress about the dress itself. If you are dreaming about wearing a wedding dress, then this can mean your re-thinking about your current love relationship.

In most cases, this symbol has a positive meaning and reveals your current romantic status. Also, it may indicate your desire to find a soul mate or a potential spouse.

Someone else is getting married

If you dream about someone else’s getting married, then it may mean your future needs. On the other hand, some people believe these kinds of dreams have a symbolic meaning, and you can expect to find your ideal partner. On the other hand, if you are an unmarried man and you dream about the wedding, then you are afraid of getting old.



Dreams of the proposal can have a negative meaning. For example, if you are proposing, or you are being proposed, then this can suggest you will experience some difficulties in your life. Additionally, it can also mean that you are ready to commit long-term to another person, or maybe a job.

Attending a wedding

Being part of a wedding ceremony can symbolize a new beginning and a change in your life. On the other hand, wedding dreams might mean you are experiencing some anxiety, or you have a negative feeling towards something.

To discover the meaning, you need to explore your emotions, are you feeling frustrated or happy, annoyed, or excited? On top of that, if you are in the middle of planning a wedding, then these thoughts may reflect your inner being and express worry about the upcoming event.