What Do Snakes Mean In Dreams?

In many cultures around the world, snakes are a symbol of change and fear. However, when they appear in your dreams, they can have a much deeper meaning and anticipate the changes that are about to come.

So, when you dream about the snakes in your home, or if the snake bites you, then the meaning can vary based on your situation. If you want to interpret the purpose, you need to be aware that snakes can have a positive and negative connotation.

When considering this situation, make sure to pay attention to what a snake is doing, are there any people in your dream, and what feelings did you experience.

What snakes represent in dreams?

  • Fear – it means you are scared of something in your real life. For example, maybe you are afraid of your boss, commitment, challenging situation, or something else. Dreaming of snakes can be your wake up call.
  • Anxiety – sometimes when we are under a lot of stress, we aren’t aware of our emotional wellbeing. Snakes will appear in dreams when you are facing a challenging situation, such as anger, sadness, or stress.
  • Change and renewal – when dreaming about snakes, they can be a sign that something is changing in your life, but also, it can represent an improvement. If your life is difficult, then these dreams may be your unconscious mind trying to help you accept your struggles.
  • Repressed desire – snakes also symbolize your desires.


Dreaming about a snake can be a warning signal about a bad person or a tough situation you are about to face. In this case, your mind is trying to warn you about something that can harm you. On the other hand, maybe there are some things from your present or past, bugging you, and you are continuously ignoring it.


However, a snake biting you can be a positive sign, as well. It can symbolize a change that will happen in the near future. If a snake tries to bite you on a leg, then it’s a prediction of a significant transformation.

Dead snakes, or killing a snake

This is a common dream for many people, and if you dream snakes that are dead, then they are a positive sign. If you see a dead snake, then it’s an end of fear and temptation. It can mean you can expect a change and a new beginning. You should consider what snakes represent in real life.



So, when you see a dead snake in your dream, it can represent that whatever this animal means while you are awake, it will end. Also, when you kill a snake, you will defeat an issue and overcome a problem.

Dreaming many snakes

If you dream about many snakes, then it can mean an abundance. You might be having plenty of energy that you have not tapped into. It can be either energy connected to a sexual desire or wisdom.

On the other hand, if you are afraid of snakes, then in real life there is something overwhelming you. You should explore your emotions to discover the actual cause.