What Does a Lion Mean in a Dream?


The lion is the king of the jungle. It’s a creature that symbolizes great strength and power. Spiritually, lions are associated with the solar plexus chakra which denotes confidence, creativity, and self-expression. In astrology, the Leo sign is linked to passion, power, bravery, strength, and leadership.

Seeing a lion in your dream signifies having the strength, willpower, and drive to achieve success. Dreaming of being a lion means overcoming your personal challenges. Alternatively, a lion in your dream can also represent your desire to control others.

Depending on what emotions you are experiencing in your lion dream, and the context of the lion’s appearance in your dreams, a lion in your dream can have different interpretations.

What Does it Mean When You Dream About Lions?

Lions are fascinating creatures. They are highly regarded in fables and mythology.  Formidable and powerful, male lions are prominent symbols across different cultures and religions.

Dreams about a lion hold deep, symbolic meanings. They leave you fascinated and wondering. They also evoke different emotions like feeling strong, being afraid, or even feeling proud.

Here is a list of the most common lion dreams and the meanings behind them.

Dream About Being Chased by a Lion

When it comes to dreams about lions, being chased by a lion is a common scenario. In this lion dream, you will be hunted by a lion as you struggle to outrun and outmaneuver it. In most cases, you can’t escape the lion that is chasing you. While you will try everything you can to lose the lion, it will still catch up with you.

The lion hunting you can signify that there is something you are running from. Perhaps there are aspects of your personality that you want to change. Perhaps you have bad habits you want to quit. Perhaps there are toxic people in your life you want to break free from. This dream tells you that you want to run away from something, but despite your best efforts, it still haunts you.

Being chased by a lion in your dream can also represent your negative feelings towards certain people in your life. This lion dream signifies aggression, grudge, or bitterness you have against someone.  If you tend to put your feelings on the backburner, especially anger, resentment, or grudge, they have a way of manifesting themselves in your dreams.

Dream About Being Attacked by a Lion

The dream that you are being attacked by a lion can be interpreted as a warning sign that you are on the path towards self-destruction. It tells you to be wary of any obsession or addiction that can ruin your life. This dream signifies that you need to stop your bad habits and make changes in your life before it’s too late. 

When a lion bites you in your dream, it can indicate that you are dealing with people who are affecting you negatively. You may be involved with people that are not good for you. You may have toxic relationships. This lion dream can mean it’s time to end them, to stop the cycle of abuse or negativity, before it bites you over and over again.

If you find yourself feeling terrified of a lion attacking in your dream, this can denote your awareness to resolve certain issues in your life. This dream is your subconscious way of telling you to face your troubles head-on, so you can work towards overcoming them.

Dream About Fighting a Lion

Dreaming of fighting with a lion in a dream signifies inner conflict. What you perceive to be true, and what you know to be true are in conflict. Your ego and reality do not align. This dream tells you to look deeper into yourself and discern your inner truth. 

Fighting a lion in your dream can be a symbol of strength. You may be at a time in your life when the odds are stacked against you, but instead of giving up, you choose to fight on. It signifies your inner warrior, one that is not afraid of challenges and obstacles.

This dream can also be associated with having to give up something important to do what is right. Perhaps you have a high-paying job, but it’s getting in the way of you spending more time with your family. This dream is a reminder of choosing your battles. It signifies that some battles are won not by fighting them, but by choosing to do the right thing which is to walk away from them.

Dream About Killing a Lion

Killing a lion in your dream is interpreted as finding it difficult to figure out your purpose in life. You are trying to discover your life’s meaning, but only failure and disappointment await you. 

This dream also means that something is holding you back from achieving success. You have ambitions and goals you want to attain, but there is something that’s stopping you.

If you dream about killing a lion, you have good prospects for gaining power and reputation. Although you are highly likely to succeed, you may choose the easy way and end up stepping on others along the way. This dream can be a warning to watch your back, especially if you had to put others down just to get on top.

Dream About a Mountain Lion

Dreaming about a mountain lion may represent your feelings of pride or self-assurance. If you tend to constantly assure yourself, it’s not unusual for you to dream of a mountain lion. While being confident and self-assured is a good thing, you need to keep yourself in check, to avoid being overconfident which can cloud your judgment and sense of reality.

This kind of dream can also mean that there is a target on your back. Perhaps there are people in your life that are out to get you. Whether it’s your attitude, disposition, or just merely your presence, you may be unknowingly rubbing some people the wrong way. This can lead to conflict and problems so it’s important to watch how you conduct yourself with others.

A mountain lion in your dream can signify having strength and stealth when it comes to taking action. If you’re someone who tends to embrace the attitude of “acting now and thinking later,” it’s common to dream about a mountain lion. While it’s a good thing to take immediate action, you need to be wary of making hasty decisions.

Dream About a Lion in a Cage

It’s quite common to have a dream about a lion being in a cage. It represents your own feeling of being trapped. Just like a caged lion, you may feel trapped in your own life. Perhaps you are stuck in an unhealthy marriage. Perhaps you are stuck in a miserable job. The lion in the cage is a representation of you, feeling helpless and wanting to break free.

A dream about a lion in a cage can also mean that you are not living your life fully. Whether it’s your personal life or work, you feel that something is amiss. You are not satisfied with the way your life is going. This lion dream is a reminder to introspect and figure out where and how to start fully living (and enjoying) your life.

A caged lion can also represent deep-rooted insecurities. Perhaps you lack self-confidence, and your dream is your subconscious wanting to lock yourself in a cage to shelter yourself from the rest of the world. It can also mean that you associate yourself with the caged lion. You hope that someone will find you and open the cage, so you can finally be free.

Dream About a White Lion

White lions are rather uncommon, but they are not impossible. Having a dream about a white lion is your psyche’s way of telling you that you are aware of your inner power. You know that your inner strength is what makes you unique. You don’t shy away from challenges, for you know that you alone, can overcome them.

White lions in your dreams may also demonstrate your majestic power in your waking life. You are someone that is bold and strong. Others look up to you because of your bravery and strength. You are confident and assured, and these traits manifest themselves as a white lion in your dream.

A white lion is breathtakingly beautiful and can be a symbol of grace. You practice inner calm and restraint. You know how to conduct yourself well and when to hold your tongue. Generally, dreaming of a white lion signifies your beauty and nobility. 

Dream About a Lion Cub

A dream about a lion cub signifies a new journey towards strength. This dream tells you that you are about to embark on a journey to discovering your inner strength. Something is about to change your life, which will teach you to grow and evolve as a much stronger person.

If the lion cubs in your dream is with its mother, it signifies that a new opportunity is coming your way. It’s time to take a chance on starting a new business or partnership, which will prove to be fruitful. This dream denotes success in your business endeavors.

To have a dream about baby lions means that you are about to gain an invaluable friend. You are about to meet someone new, who will become a good friend. This friendship will have a positive influence on your life. 

Dream About Being Protected by a Lion

If you dream about a lion protecting you, it means there is a powerful force watching over you. This powerful force can be a guiding spirit, looking after you and keeping you safe. It can also be a person who is always there to guard you and has your best interests at heart.

A protective lion in your dream is also a good sign. It means you have the strength and courage to look after yourself. You will not allow yourself to fall prey to someone’s ill intentions. This dream can signify that even if someone or something tries so hard to break you, you will protect yourself, and stop that from happening.

In some religions, the lion is a symbol of God. If you dream of a lion protecting you, it means that a higher being or power is guarding you. If you have been hurt deeply in your life, this higher being can help heal your wounds. This lion dream means that your faith and trust will allow you to overcome your traumas and challenges in life.

Dream About Playing with a Lion

If you dream about playing with a lion, it means you need to learn to have fun and stop taking everything too seriously. Perhaps you are a workaholic. This dream is a reminder to take the time to slow down, have fun and enjoy yourself.

A dream about lions playing happily in front of you, instead of with you, suggests that you are likely to encounter ignorance and selfishness from someone in your life. Perhaps you have a friend who only talks to you who wants to ask for a favor. This dream tells you to be wary of people who only want something from you, or people who don’t really know you.

Dreaming of playing with a lion can also signify giving yourself the love and attention you deserve. Perhaps you have been feeling insecure or inadequate. Perhaps you have been feeling that no matter what you do, you’re just not good enough. This dream reminds you to treat yourself kindly, to pay close attention to what you need or want, and to nourish yourself with self-love.

Dream About Having a Pet Lion

If you dream of having a lion as your pet, it means you need to accept those parts of you that are passionate and powerful. We often reciprocate that love for our pets because they are our unconditionally loving friends. This dream is a call to embrace those parts of you that are passionate and nurturing. This dream also reminds you to embrace being powerful instead of feeling guilty about it.

When you dream of keeping a lion as a pet, you will gain the respect and favor of someone influential and powerful. You may receive praise at work from your higher-ups. A prominent individual may also offer you an opportunity that will change the course of your life.

Alternatively, a pet lion in your dream indicates that you are completely in control of your primitive instincts. You are in complete control of your urges and aggressions. You are not easily ruled by your desires and emotions. This lion dream signifies your maturity that you have tamed yourself to outgrow foolish and destructive tendencies.

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