What Does it Mean to Dream About Birds?

bird flying

Birds, by nature, embody being a free spirit. The breathtaking beauty of these creatures lies in the fact that they can fly and soar high in the skies. Watching a bird in its natural state is a relaxing and even joyful experience. 

In dream symbolism, birds represent your hopes, aspirations, and dreams. Birds that are chirping or singing, or birds that are flying free in your dream, symbolize joy, harmony, balance, and love. The sight of a bird’s nest signifies independence, refuge, and security. 

The significance of bird dreams also takes into account the colors, behavior, and sounds of birds. Your dream can be more meaningfully interpreted with the help of these qualities.

What Do Birds in Dreams Mean?

If you dream about birds, they may make you wonder what they resemble in your waking life  -unless of course, you’re having a nightmare after watching the classic horror film The Birds. Considering that birds are full of song and capable of flying, we have always been drawn to them. In our dreams about birds, we are filled with feelings of wonder and hope which engulf us when we look at a bird soaring high in real life.

Symbolically, birds in dreams signify transcendence and liberation. They represent escape from limits and boundaries. Birds represent wholeness and harmony. They stand for what you aspire, hope and dream.

So what does dreaming about birds mean? As with any dream interpretation, it really depends on your situation. Dreams will reveal their message according to how they unfold. Let’s take a closer look at the various meanings of birds in dreams.

White Bird in Dream

Dreaming of white birds is symbolic of freedom and peace. Additionally, they symbolize clear thinking, particularly if they were flying in your dream. Depending on the type of bird, the meaning of dreams about white birds varies.

Dreaming of a white swan represents grace, purity, and beauty, as well as wealth and prestige. Often, something or someone that seems unappealing at first might actually be pleasant. It’s important not to take someone or something at face value, without knowing them first. A dream of seeing a white dove represents loyalty, love, gentleness, simplicity, and friendship. It can also represent a message and blessing from the Holy Spirit.

The dream of a white bird indicates a desire to transcend or overcome negative circumstances. It signifies your ability to deal with negativity in your life. In essence, you’ve thrown in the towel and are rising above the obstacles and situations that hold you back. You understand they aren’t worth wasting your energy on, and not worth getting stressed about. You instead choose to embrace peace and live in harmony.

Black Bird in Dream

Dreaming of a black bird indicates that you lack motivation. You don’t have the drive to go after your hopes and dreams. You are not taking advantage of your full potential. This dream tells you that you might be feeling bored and uninspired.

Dreaming of black birds could mean worrying about bad news. Perhaps you are anxious about getting fired from your job. Perhaps you’re concerned about your child. This type of dream is your subconscious telling you that you are feeling troubled.

A black-colored bird appearing in your dream may symbolize emptiness, loss, death, or unpleasant change. If your life changes abruptly and you’re not happy about it, or if you’ve been down and depressed, having this kind of dream is not unusual. People who also experience death in some form often have dreams about a black bird.

Blue Bird Dream Meaning

Dreams about blue birds symbolize positive thinking, truth, and acting according to your own convictions. They represent being honest and just. Challenges may come your way but you don’t let them get you down. You always choose the bright side and do what is right.

Blue bird dreams can also mean that you will receive honesty, kindness, and love. Someone in your life may offer you kindness at a time you need it most. Your partner may also be devoted and faithful to you. This dream is an affirmation that you are blessed with good things in your life.

In contrast, if the blue bird appearing in your dreams is a blue jay, it means you may be cocky or boastful. You are too proud and you are rubbing off people the wrong way. A blue jay may also signify inattentiveness. You might have overlooked something and this dream is a reminder to pay attention so you can see clearly.

Red Bird Dream Meaning

A red bird is a symbol of being aware of one’s own danger. You don’t mind getting your hands dirty to get what you want. Violence is often what you resort to without any consideration for others. You make reckless and dangerous decisions without any care of how that affects you or those around you.

Red birds can also symbolize the desire to attain freedom through dishonest means. To escape from a restrictive situation, you lie and cheat. For example, you are trapped in an unhappy relationship. Instead of being upfront with your partner, you cheat to get out of it instead.

A red bird also represents greed and corruption. You bribe and manipulate to get ahead of others. You don’t mind cutting corners or buying off someone just to achieve your goal. This dream can also happen for those experiencing corruption. If you’ve been swindled or manipulated by corrupt people in some way, it’s not unusual to see a red bird in your dreams.

Dream of Birds in the House

Your house represents safety and security for you. If birds are trying to get into your house, this could mean danger is close by or you are suffering from intrusive thoughts that are trying to breach your security blanket. You need to delve deeper and figure out why you feel unsafe.

Birds trying to get into your house in your dream may symbolize that you are not following your true path in life or others are getting in your way. You may have chosen a career you don’t want because it pays more. You may be doing something against your will out of responsibility. This dream is an indication that you aren’t going in the right direction.

The dream of a bird in your house can be a bad sign as well. It indicates that you will lose a friend. While losing a friendship is a sad thing, this dream foretells that this friend wasn’t a very good friend to you, so in essence, you shouldn’t feel bad about having to let them go.

Dream of Dead Birds

Dreaming of dead or dying birds suggests frustration or worry over issues constantly pressing on your mind. You are plagued with problems at home. You are anxious about troubles at work. Your mind is overcome and overwhelmed with worries that they’re manifesting in your dreams.

Dead or dying birds in your dream are a sign of failure and disappointment. You feel like a failure after not resolving an issue. You are disappointed in how a certain situation turned out. Negative feelings like these often have a way of burying themselves in our subconscious.

A dead bird appearing in your dream might also signify an end to a difficult situation. Perhaps you have been stuck in an unhappy relationship for so long. This dream might be your mind’s way of telling you that it’s time to get out of it and move forward in your life.

Dream About Bird Poop

It is generally believed that any kind of poop in a dream represents material prosperity, especially money. You can expect a serious profit if, in your dream, you stepped into a huge pile of poop or a “poop gift” fell on your head. Bird poop in a dream means receiving money. The fact that this poop comes from a bird means that profits will fall from the sky. This means that your profits from a business venture or deal will be very successful.

If you see bird poop on the head or hands in your dream, it symbolizes gossip or slander. Someone may be gossiping about you to ruin your reputation. Someone may be telling lies to get you in trouble. It’s your mind telling you that someone in your life is spreading malicious and ill-intent words about you.

Also, be sure to pay attention to the bird that marked you. Pigeons that poop on you symbolizes good fortune of any kind, and especially money. The seagull, sparrow, and other light-colored birds bring good news. Poop of crows, rooks, and other species of dark-plumed birds might, in contrast, warn of future trouble. Crows are believed to poop on a person’s head as a sign of warning that he should be wiser, keep his plans to himself, and listen to those close to him.

Dreaming of Flying Like a Bird

Feeling like Superman for a night can be quite exciting. While you glide through the sky, you feel as free as a bird observing the world below. Flying dreams are a metaphor for your sense of freedom and control. You want to take control of your life and break free from everything that is holding you back. You are becoming aware of your hidden talents, and flying allows you to take a glimpse at what the future may hold for you.

When you imagine yourself flying like a bird, you are focusing on your freedom and embracing being free-spirited. That means you’ve broken the chains that bound you. You are letting yourself free from everything that is restricting you. It also means you are liberating yourself and letting go of your inhibitions. You want to be completely free to express who you are and to live your life exactly as you should.

In addition, you may begin to dream of flying like a bird after you accomplish something you thought was impossible. Birds typically feel weightless, fly in the breeze, and can see things from a completely different perspective (hence, bird’s eye view). Whether at work, school, home, or in your community, you may have overcome a challenge. When you dream of flying, your subconscious celebrates new insights or accomplishments you’ve achieved during your waking hours.

Dreams About Birds Attacking

Dreaming of being attacked by birds represents being overwhelmed by responsibilities. You are being pulled in many directions by these responsibilities. You are feeling stressed and worn out. It’s your subconscious’ way of telling you you’ve had more than enough, and have bitten off more than you can chew.

Occasionally, this dream may indicate being attacked by someone in real life. Someone is being mean or rude to you. Someone is being offensive or ignorant. Your mind is expressing feelings that someone in your life is oppressing or hurting you in some way.

Having this dream could also indicate that you have no control over your emotions. You can’t help your anger from bursting into seams. You get hurt easily over trivial things. You should heed this dream as a warning that you need to keep your emotions in check before they end up interfering with your life.

Dreams About Birds Landing on You

Having a bird land on you is a sign of good fortune and happiness. Symbolically speaking, birds are God’s messengers or the presence of angels in our lives, so dreams of birds landing on you could be of great significance since they are often connected with our feelings. The meaning of dreams where a bird lands on you can vary based on where it landed on your body.

Seeing a bird or birds land on your head could mean that you will have to think well to find a solution to your present problems. Dreaming about this could also mean dealing with the consequences of your immature attitude or behavior and asking you to change and become more responsible.

If you dreamed that a bird landed on your body, this dream encourages you to proceed and pursue your desired plans or endeavors.

The dream of having a bird or birds land on your foot or both feet should be considered a bad omen. This could indicate some danger coming soon and that caution is needed. Don’t embark on a new endeavor or business dealing with people you do not know well or trust because there is a possibility that your actions may be futile or you may suffer a loss and your plans may be defeated.

Your dream of a bird landing on your arm or arms should be taken as an encouragement to begin taking some action to start fulfilling your goals and dreams. It may also indicate that you should tackle some issues or problems currently bothering you, rather than avoiding them.

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