What Does It Mean to Dream About Fire?

Holding a Lighter

Fire, in general, is destructive as it turns anything into ashes, even human included. However, fire symbolizes different things, especially from a religious perspective. And, it can have a totally diverse meaning when you see it in your dreams.

Dreaming that you’ve set a fire can mean rekindling a relationship, or can be a warning you’re creating problems in life, while dreaming that something is on fire means impending change, if it’s you on fire it is a warning you’re being too caution in life and need bigger goals.

What else can it mean when you dream about fire? Fire, from a religious perspective, is the divine almighty. On the other hand, it can also signify passion, desire, transformation, enlightenment, purification, and even creative or sexual connotation.

There are many facets to how to interpret the meaning of your seeing fire in your dreams. Your involvement in the fire, whether you are merely an onlooker or active participant, can change the interpretation of your dreams.

Firefighters on the Scene

Common scenarios when you dream of fire

Starting a fire

Preparing to create a fire would mean that you are on your way to rebuilding your relationships with your family members. The act signifies that you need to straighten things out through open communication.

If in your dreams you started a fire, this means you will receive unprecedented news. Or, you are undergoing tough times in your life, causing you significant stress.

On the other hand, it can also signify that a long lost friend of yours will you a visit.

Starting a fire with your own hands

When you use your bare hands to start, a fire could represent that you are quelling your anger. You are having a hard time expressing yourself.

Dreaming about setting things on fire

If you are trying to put something on a sea of flames could signify your desire to ruin something altogether in your life.

This dream can also mean that you are trying to spawn a problem intentionally. On the other hand, it can also mean that you are ready for a new beginning in your life. You are trying to get rid of the negative things and transform them into positive ones.

City on Fire

Something is on fire

If you dreamed of seeing an object on fire, this indicates that you are overwhelmed with things that are happening around you. It can also mean your anger, which is getting out of hand. Also, it can embody your fear of losing something or not being in control of a situation.

Your belongings are on fire

If your essential belongings were caught on fire, this might indicate your fascination with those belongings.

Your house on fire

When you see your house is on fire in your dream, this symbolizes the impending changing you have to go through but are resisting it. It could also mean that you are near your edge. Often it expresses a dilemma that is causing a ruckus in your life.

On the other hand, it can also mean that you are winning over new good friends in due time.

Forest on fire

Seeing a forest on fire in your dreams is a bad omen, which warns you that a planned vacation will just be a waste of money due to some unexpected events. This dream can also indicate someone is trying to ruin your image.

City on fire

Dreaming about a city in flames indicates possible destruction of your relationships.

Your business office on fire

When you dream about your business office on fire, it implies a good omen of wealth and success in your business.

Woman on Fire

You are on fire

Seeing yourself on fire in dreams indicates that you need to do some self-reflection as you are being too cautious. The dream is encouraging you to rekindle the fire within you as you push for your goals or dreams in life.

Not feeling pain from the fire

When you don’t feel any pain with your burning hands, this is a good omen that indicates your success in your future endeavors.

Dreaming about feeling burned by fire

However, if you can feel the burn, this is a warning that you will receive bad news in the future. This means you are on the verge of losing your temper. On the contrary, it can also indicate passionate love emerging with a new acquaintance or friend.

Saving belongings during a fire

Bracing the fire to save your belongings means that you are a sensitive person who quickly gets hurt or irritated.

Evil fire

When you dream about an ominous-looking fire, this indicates how you feel about real-life happenings that are threatening in nature.

People with fire trauma or those who have watched a fire with their very eyes can also dream about the fire.

Surrounded by the fire with another person

When you dream that you are surrounded by the fire together with another person meant that you have a healthy relationship for this person. This can also symbolize that you are loved by the people around you. It can be a symbol of your affection.

Glowing Embers

Fire is under control

When you dream that the fire is under control but was scared of it signifies inner change or transformation.

Dreaming about watching a fire burn without doing anything about that

If you are watching a fire fearlessly, this means you have wild dreams or plans which will bring you grave disappointments in the future.

Putting out fire

Extinguishing a fire in your dreams is an excellent manifestation which equates to hitting a bull’s eye.

Being able to control a fire

Being able to control a fire indicates your self-control to fend off your fury.

Water and fire

Water and fire are two opposing elements that, when you dream, means you are faced with opposing emotions tagging you in different directions.

Pouring water on a fire

When you dream about extinguishing a fire using water, this symbolizes challenging financial events coming into your life soon.

Rebuilding house after the fire

Restoring a burnt house in your dreams means recovery from a life crisis.

Dreaming about the aftermath of a fire

If you are watching a property burned, this is a bad omen, which is warning you to move or transfer to another home.

Dreaming about calling the firefighters

Firefighters signify important information. Thus, when you called the firefighters in your dream, this means positive things can happen in your business using the information you have.

Getting warm by the fire

When you feel the warmth from the fire, this signifies good fortune will come to you just around the corner. This means a streak of luck no matter what life brings your way, you are taken care of.

Someone you know is engulfed in fire flames

When you saw someone being engulfed in flames, this brings bad luck as the person in your dream might pass away in due time.

Dreaming about human fatalities as a result of a fire

If you saw in your dreams people dying because of the fire, this is a red flag that you are setting yourself for failure. Some of your plans or projects are too far fetched, and unrealistic expectations could render your heartbreak.

People Around a Camp Fire

Carrying fire in your hands

Being able to bring fire in your hands through the use of candles or torch brings good omen as it indicates you are stepping up from your current post.

Running from a fire

If you dream about running away from fire, this means it is a warning about being too rude and insensitive about other’s feelings that you might end up offending someone.

If you disregard this warning, it might backfire on your colleagues in the company who might stay away from you. They are too wary of hearing what you have to say.

A fire slowly extinguishing

Another dream that could be warning you of some financial difficulties ahead is watching a fire that slowly dies down. This foretells an illness or bankruptcy that can happen in the future.

Many people around a fire

A good sign in your dream is watching several people surrounding a fire. This dream signifies stability and harmony in your personal life.

Burning Tea Light Candles

What dreaming about fire means in the biblical perspective

From 1 Corinthians 3:15 in the bible talked about suffering a loss when the person sees a flame. Through this passage alone, one can say that fire in the Bible is frequently depicted as God’s wrath or anger.

Some of the traditional biblical interpretations for dreaming of fire include:

  1. Experiencing loss
  2. Regret for wrongdoing
  3. You are in spiritual lukewarmness
  4. Bad news or event is awaiting for you
  5. Living a life without achievement/purpose
  6. God wants to speak to you
  7. Failure at the edge of a breakthrough
  8. Spiritual attacks


Dreaming about fire, no matter the circumstance or situation is, helps you to re-evaluate yourself as it symbolizes your own thoughts and feelings. Being aware of how to interpret this dream can forewarn you impending misfortunes or luck that could come knocking on your door. Happy dreaming.

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