What Does It Mean to Have Dreams About Killing Someone?

man killing someone

In case you haven’t ever woken up sweating after having dreamed someone was being killed, count yourself fortunate. Whether we are victims or perpetrators of these horrifyingly violent acts, we are shaken to our core by these grisly nocturnal visions. However, is there more to dreams about murder than just fear of crime? Is there a deeper message hidden behind them? The dreams in which you see someone killing another person or in which you are the one who has committed a crime can provide insight into your non-criminal activities in your waking life.

A dream about killing someone indicates that you have trouble letting go of your past. This might also reflect a moral dilemma. You are torn between two opposing viewpoints. You must decide between good and evil. In another instance, a killing dream might be the result of optimism and good faith. That would mean that you have finally accepted your true self and found your solution.

The thought of killing someone or watching someone die in a dream can be frightening. By understanding what this dream means, you can not only make some incredibly significant changes in your life but also stop having scary dreams.

Dreams About Killing Someone

Having a nightmare about killing someone is a distressing thought for anyone who has never broken the law or feels guilty after saying something unkind to another person. 

The most striking thing about your dream is that you kill someone, although you’d never hurt a fly in real life. Is it possible that you just don’t realize yet that you have a criminal mind? Doing something violent in your dreams does not necessarily translate into real-life murders. 

You are not on your way to becoming the next Ted Bundy by committing a crime in your dream. It also doesn’t mean that something bad is going to happen to you if you dream that you are a victim of a crime. Regardless of whether you’ve been watching true crime shows too much before bed, dreams related to violence, especially murder, can often reflect feeling anxious, distressed, worried, or any other feelings we are experiencing in our real lives. Dreams like this can happen for a variety of reasons and here are some of the most common interpretations.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Accidentally Killing Someone?

This dream is more like a victim’s dream than a dream in which you’re the villain. This dream is a reflection of you. 

In real life, you may receive criticism as well as taunts, which triggers this dream. In your dream, did a fight between you and the victim occur? Were you pushed to committing murder? This dream may symbolize your feelings of losing control. Take some time to reflect on yourself after this dream. Figure out what area of your life, or who is troubling you, so you can take back control of the situation.

The expression “kill switch” may sound familiar to you. In essence, it means the device loses power completely. If the power is cut off, the device stops working. If you dream of accidentally killing someone, it may mean you are feeling helpless in a particular situation. Someone or something is making you feel powerless. This dream signifies your need to gain power over your own life.

Dreams About Killing Someone in Self-defense

There’s a direct link between this dream and a real-life crisis that you have to deal with. The dream may depict your property being invaded or you being injured, so you are pushed to kill someone in self-defense. This suggests that you are looking for security and protection, as the dream reflects an invasion of your personal space.

Alternatively, if you dream of killing someone to protect yourself, you will get better opportunities in the future. As a working individual or business owner, as well as a part of your social circle, you may experience great opportunities. Possibilities to grow, to be promoted, and to meet influential people may exist. Perhaps you’ll even come across new ideas and thoughts that will help you make significant improvements to what you’re doing now.

Often, we fear making changes, so when we dream of killing someone, or someone getting killed, it is because it is frightening to think about making changes. Look closely at your waking life. Do you fear making changes? Will you embark on something new? Having a dream like this indicates that a transformation is taking place, and it’s important to embrace it so you can let go of your fears.

Dreaming About Killing Someone and Covering It Up

A murder that is covered up in a dream can mean the dreamer is suffering from repressed anger. Your dream suggests releasing your pent-up frustrations in order to find solutions to your problems. Since your emotions are causing you such trouble, it’s nearly impossible to find other peaceful solutions once you become too consumed by your negative feelings.

You may be experiencing an inability to control yourself when you dream about killing someone and trying to hide the body. Covering up in your dream may indicate that you are attempting to hide your emotion from another person. 

In a dream, if you manage to get away with murder, then this can explain how you may feel if you are betrayed by someone.  When you deny participating in a crime or plead not guilty in court, it shows that someone very close to you is betraying you.

Dream About Killing Someone and Hiding the Body

By hiding the body, your subconscious mind isolates you from feeling your emotions. Having a dream like this means that you need to explore the world more, communicate with others more, and experiment more.  You are also attempting to suppress your feelings about an incident from the past and seeking closure for it.

Having a dream of killing someone and hiding the body is actually a sign that you are strong enough to face your problems and that you will not be held accountable for your choices. 

Alternatively, if in your dream you kill someone and leave the body unburied or run away from the crime scene, it may indicate that you cannot face your problems and will suffer the consequences of your actions.

Dreams About Killing Someone With a Knife

In a dream, you killing something with a knife symbolizes getting rid of negativity. When you see yourself kill another with a knife, you are facing problems or obstacles brought on by your enemies. In addition, it symbolizes disgrace and loss of honor. The dream signifies your need to rid yourself of these and take back what you’ve lost.

When you dream of murdering someone with a knife, some aspect of their personality is deeply hated by you. According to this interpretation, the knife is symbolic of hidden issues in a relationship. You could be killing an enemy or a quality of your own personality.

A similar dream can represent the desire to find something you are lacking or needing in your life. The dream can also represent feeling out of control and helpless in your life. The dream signifies that you still have some unresolved issues in your life.

Dreaming About Killing Someone With an Axe

In dreams, an axe usually represents cutting something or chopping something in your waking life. Try to recall the events of your waking life that have occurred lately. For instance, have you been let go from your job or broke up with someone you dated? Have you cut someone or something out of your life recently?

It is not uncommon to see an axe in your dream when you are trying to stop an addiction, such as alcohol, overeating, or gambling. Having struggled with something like this for some time and finally being ready and willing to change means that you are truly working on getting rid of it. In your dreams, you might dream that you would kill someone with an axe.

Additionally, an axe can represent a struggle in your life. Sometimes a person experiences personal struggles or conflicts with another person. If you kill someone with the axe in your dream, this is especially true. Do you currently have something or someone on your mind that you are battling? This dream reminds you that you need to come to terms with this conflict as it’s deeply bothering you.

Dreaming About Going to Jail for Killing Someone

In dreams about killing another person and going to prison, you are demonstrating your willpower, self-control, and ability to keep your feelings in check. You recognize that there are mistakes or bad choices in your life. You don’t let it get to you. You atone by working hard to make yourself a better person.

The dream of murder and prison warns you that you must be patient, wise, and consistent in dealing with a situation in your life. You have been overindulging. Your important needs in life are not being met. The dream reminds you to look deeply within yourself and make changes for the better. It will be a long and hard journey, but the payoff will be worth it.

However, you can also interpret this dream as a sign of something new in your life. Perhaps you are looking for some guidance or advice. You are about to make positive changes to improve yourself. Your dream predicts enlightenment and awareness coming your way.

Dreams About Killing Someone You Know

If you dream that you are going to kill someone you know, you are on the verge of losing your temper and becoming aggressive.

The dream of killing someone you know may have something to do with your relationship with that person. Your dream could be a sign that you want to find a way to detach from someone. It may be that you want to distance yourself from someone, a relationship, or a memory, or even completely cut yourself off from them.

A dream of murder or killing may indicate a need to kill something within you. Addictions, old memories, or habits can lead to this. There is also a possibility that you are trying to get rid of an old way of thinking or ideal that has significantly affected your life. A part of your personality that is probably hurting you more than helping is being revealed to you by your subconscious mind.

Dreaming About Killing Someone You Don’t Know

Dreaming you killed someone you don’t recognize indicates that your subconscious is trying to get your attention about changing an aspect of your personality. Often, the stranger in our dreams is a metaphor for something we are troubled by in waking life or something that causes us to feel angry or frightened. Many dreamers are unable to see a face in their dreams because the entity that they see represents abstract ideas rather than a person.

Additionally, it also means that you need to change or stop a habit or behavior that has been ingrained in you. The dream may also represent something undesirable that you have done in your waking life or that you feel you have avoided doing.

When someone dreamed of killing someone they did not know, it could be an expression of their frustration and anger at real life. Often we wish for some situations to disappear, we wish for our problems to disappear, but we do not know how to accomplish it. Feeling helpless in reality causes our minds to search for a way to ease those feelings. In dreams, killing a stranger suggests you are seeking relief from your current situation. The thing is, you may not be aware of the amount of negativity you have piled up inside of you. Maybe you can’t express your emotions and concerns, or you don’t even know how to express them.

Dreams About Someone Trying to Kill You

This type of dream is terrifying to experience and is sometimes difficult to figure out. The dream of someone attempting to kill you can often mean that you are concerned about someone’s intentions. Someone at work might be trying to take advantage of you, for example. Perhaps you feel worthless in a relationship. This dream signifies that there’s a relationship in your life in which you feel you are taken advantage of, not valued enough, or aren’t good for your well-being.

It may also indicate that another person is angry or hostile toward you. After a heated argument or when you have stopped talking to someone in real life, it is common to dream about this. If there is someone in your life who is either physically, psychologically, or verbally abusive towards you, you need to seek immediate help.

Dreaming that someone is trying to kill you might mean that a crucial part of your emotions has been damaged. There could be certain moments in your life where you feel as if you are losing your identity and individuality. Take a moment to reflect on why this is happening to you. Are your lifestyle and attitude a facade that does not reflect your true self? Another possibility is that you might be associated with the wrong crowd, so you lose your identity, so you are referred to as part of the group and no longer an individual.

What Does It Mean to Dream About Killing My Boss?

The dream of killing your boss suggests difficulties at work. There could be disagreements between your team members or the desire to leave your current position because your team is not structured. It could also mean you might feel undervalued and not given the respect you deserve at work.

These dreams can also occur when people work in a healthy environment. If that’s the case, you might not be getting growth or happiness at your current job. Ideally, you would like to move forward to a better situation.

The desire to kill your boss stems from a desire to obtain control over your life. This feeling of unsafeness has been plaguing you for a while. The decisions that are most important to you have been made by others. They seemed to make perfect sense at the time. There was no resistance from your side. If you dream about killing your boss, it’s a sign from your subconscious. It is telling you to take back control of your life as the situation has lasted long enough and it is time to wake up.

Dreams About Killing a Bully

The people we have encountered in our lives, especially bullies and antagonistic people, play a significant role in our dreams.  We all regularly encounter these characters in dreams and in our everyday lives. For some, their torment even reaches the point of pushing us to take our own lives.

Your strength and willpower are revealed in this dream. The dream is a means to an end for someone who is being bullied in real life. Your dream suggests you should overcome someone who undermines your self-confidence or morale. Your dream is a manifestation of the battle you are fighting in your waking life against a bully.

As an alternative, these dreams help you learn to take charge of your life and stand up to the bully within you.  It is just as dangerous psychologically to fall victim to one’s own destructive thoughts as to fall victim to actual bullies. Your dreams remind you that something about yourself needs to be improved. You have real strength within you, and you can overcome whatever negative thoughts or feelings you have about yourself.

Dream About Killing a Stalker

If you dream of killing a stalker, you are probably uncomfortable about the attention you are receiving. Perhaps you are an introvert or you are receiving negative attention. Whenever you do something that upsets someone, they talk about you. Stories are told about you. That causes you discomfort. Your dream is a reminder to ignore them and don’t let them get to you.

You might dream about killing someone who stalks you if you feel exposed or under scrutiny at the moment. Have you hurt anyone or done something wrong? Do you have secrets that have gotten out? Your dream indicates your nagging worry about being put on the spotlight. You need to resolve whatever this is, as it’s causing you immense stress.

A dream like this can also be a sign that you are afraid of being humiliated or failing due to persistent difficulties, bad things that happened in your past, or relationships that didn’t work out. This dream is an expression of your anxiety and fear about negative events in your life. You have to realize that while you can’t erase your past, you can get past it and move on with your life.

Dreaming About Being a Serial Killer

A dream like this may indicate a dark side of your personality that enjoys seeing others fail. Your secret wish might be to see others fail in their attempts to bring greatness to their lives. It is evident that you might not enjoy your life and wish others were as unhappy as you are.

Your dream might also indicate a desire for power. There is a deep desire inside of you to be the person in charge. While you may be ambitious, it may not be healthy for you since your intentions are not the best and you have dark thoughts. Trying to control others may not be an effective solution.

Dreams of being a serial killer reflect your internal motivations. You may perform mass murders in your dreams if you are having a lot of problems in your waking life, such as work stress, productivity problems, and strained relationships. Nonetheless, this dream is about awareness and engagement with life. You must know what to do to achieve your goals. Dreaming about killing people is more of an attempt to prevent not setting goals for yourself.

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