What Does It Mean When You Dream About Blood?

Bloody Hands

Blood is essential in our bodies because it’s the sole factor for surviving. Without blood, we cannot live. Fundamentally anything which affects the blood affects the whole body, too. When we refer to religion and spiritual realms, blood is used for making covenants and agreements. In witchcraft, blood must also supposedly be involved.

Generally, blood represents a sense of existence and energy. In family bonds and connections or inherited traits, we relate them with blood. That is the reason when people do certain things they say “it’s in my blood”, meaning that family bonds include weakness or strength in character.

Blood is a universal symbol of power and life, thus linking with humanity. During the ancient period, blood was the first ritual sacrament in times of significant events in one’s life, such as birth. Blood was regarded as the determinant of character and spirit of life. Blood is linked with personalities and unconscious forces within.


These days, when we find blood in someone’s clothes or on the ground, we automatically conclude that someone is dead or is hurt. Blood on the earth suggests a death, great battle, or deep wounding; the blood marks the event and acts as a sign of the act or a memorial.

In adverse cultural settings like Macedonian culture where symbols predicted bad and good luck, dark blood signified bad luck while light blood implied good luck.

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Blood in Dreams

Research shows that most of our dreams are comprised of our daily activities, thoughts, passions, or our fears. If your dreams are filled with blood, it’s a sign that it might be time to face your fears.

Blood generally indicates the essence of humanity, force, spirits, life energy, and happiness. Dreams about blood can signify emotion, deep love, minor disappointments, or passion. For example, in the dream, you may see the term “blood” appearing on the wall or the mirror; this shows the impending situation cannot be changed. However, if in your dream, words are written in the blood, it shows that you are putting extra effort into a specific project.

You may dream with blood in different ways such as:

  • Seeing blood
  • You are seeing yourself bleeding or another person probably close to you bleeding
  • Seeing or experiencing blood transfusion
  • Noticing bloodstains
  • You see blood in your hands
  • Coming across a tampon covered with blood

Now whenever your dreams are filled with blood, it does not always mean that negative things may occur. There are conditions that may signify positive changes, such as:

  • If your blood is being drawn and you do not feel pain
  • If the dream involves a helpful or positive experience
  • If the blood exposes your lusts or passions
  • If the blood spirituality unites you to your surroundings

Blood Test

Common Interpretations

When you see blood in your dreams, it may be positive because blood is linked to loyalty and love. However, if the blood in your dreams is of others or animals, it insinuates random tough times during your adulthood, or it shows that both of you are tied down by fear both emotionally and spiritually. Therefore, the dream can be encouraging one to take time in their spiritual well-being and ensure you achieve all your purpose.

On the other hand, if a man dreams while bleeding, his masculinity is being questioned because he is showing the feminine quality of emotion.

Seeing Blood

If in your dream, you can see blood but cannot find the source; or you see blood stains on your clothes; or someone is even forcing you to drink blood, it could mean that you are being controlled by supernatural forces, like vampires. In folklores, vampires drink the blood of their victims. If you do not believe in the supernatural, these dreams may just be symbolic that terrible things are about to happen.

In ancient times, major life events, such as birth and marriage were marked by spiritual covenants. When you see blood in your dream, it could mean that someone in your family was baptized or married under such covenants. Somewhere along the way, something untoward may have happened and now you are being haunted.

If a woman dreams of seeing blood, it suggests that bad luck, tragedy, or marital problems will be encountered. It could also be a sign of impending miscarriage; therefore, praying is suggested. Bloodstains in your clothes may be a significant indication that your enemies are about to tear you down or put you down career-wise. Therefore be on the guard of your surroundings at work.


When you dream that you are bleeding, it means you could be in trouble. For example, if you bleed excessively nonstop, it could mean sickness, or death are coming your way. In the dream, you may feel someone hurting you, and you start bleeding, which makes you feel threatened, physically, or spiritually.

Bleeding in dreams acts as a block to the breakthrough of the victim. This makes an individual remain stagnant in life. For example, in cases when you are bleeding furiously from the mouth, it suggests that you are getting recruited to witchcraft, and trouble is ahead of you. This occurs if the victim has an agreement with the spiritual world. This dream shows that you are working under the chains of the enemy.

If you dream of bleeding during pregnancy, it Could mean that you are going to experience a miscarriage if you are married. But, if you are a single woman, it could mean your marital destiny is blocked. You may have a hard time looking for a partner.

Generally, bleeding in a dream is a bad omen.  It could mean anything from incurring losses in business, frustrations, disappointments, tragedy, marital problems, spiritual dryness, painful relationships, rejection, or non-achievement.

Blood on the Ground

Blood on the ground warns the dreamer to be cautious with new or unusual friendships. It may also indicate there may be a physical or a spiritual battle in or around that area. These attacks may be through road accidents, armed robbery, sickness, or severe attacks that may happen on those specific grounds.

Blood Transfusion

If you dream that you are donating blood, this could be an indication that you may save someone’s life. Additionally, it may also mean that you are about to protect yourself from a tricky situation, liberation from death, and extreme change. However, if you dream of being forced to donate blood, then it’s a sign that an enemy wants to use you.

Losing Blood

If you dream of losing blood, this may be a great sign that you may lose someone important, like a loved one or even a parent. You may lose something important to you. Also, it is a sign you are tired of trying to make things work in life, and you are emotional, or even an indication that you need a spiritual surrender.

Blood on the Legs

If a woman dreams of seeing blood on her legs, it could mean a possible miscarriage or marital problems.

If a man dreams of seeing blood on his legs, it signifies being stripped of powers. It could mean a demotion from a job.

Tampon Covered in Blood

If a woman dreams about her menstrual cycle or tampon covered in blood, it is a sign she is worrying over nothing. If a woman dreams while on her period, it could mean that tension is coming to end soon.

If a piece of cloth or fabric is covered in blood, it could mean a family argument but one that will be quickly resolved or forgotten. Peace will be restored. It also a sign of a new life cycle.

Generally, if we experience blood in our dreams, it may be as a result of guilt feelings, emotional distress, or anxiety. Therefore when we dream of blood, we do not have to be so sad or expect only negative things will happen. Sometimes, all we need is a reasonable interpretation and what we can do about it.

Person with Bandages


In summary, all the things that we are going through in life get instilled in our minds, even we try to rest, sometimes our minds are still processing what is going on. Sometimes, what we dream of is merely a reflection of our daily lives. In fact, approximately 70 percent of our dreams seem familiar because dreams comprise memories, stimuli, and our experiences.

Sometimes we see blood in our dreams because earlier that day, we watched a bloody movie or witnessed an accident. When you see blood in your dreams, just think for a moment if any of the possible interpretations above apply to you. If you are a believer, praying might also work for you to ease some of your thoughts and emotional burdens.

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