What Does it Mean When You Dream About Kissing Someone?

kiss in a dream

Kisses make us feel giddy and warm inside. Kissing is such an intimate act that brings two people closer. It’s something we cherish. After all, who can ever forget their very first kiss? When we think of a kiss, it gives us pleasant feelings. But what about if we dream about kissing? What does it mean?

In dreams, kissing may represent affection, love, harmony, and peace. It can also be a sign that you need to spice up your romantic life. When you dream of kissing, it typically signifies happiness and contentment.

Did you dream about  kissing someone last night? Whether you woke up feeling all warm and fuzzy inside, or confused and wondering, you surely would want to find out what your dream of kissing means. Our dreams include over 100,000 dreams, and at least one of them involves kissing.

Why Did I Dream About Kissing Someone?

Because kissing is an integral part of life, kissing is a common theme in dreams. It’s natural to kiss our loved ones – whether that be our parents, our relatives, our children. The custom of kissing old and new friends is even common in some parts of the world. Kisses have long been regarded as symbols of desire, friendship, and love.

In most cultures, the act of kissing itself is powerful. In fairy tales, they are magical and life saving. Snow White and Sleeping Beauty were both brought back to life by a kiss. It was also a kiss that turned a frog and a beast into a prince.

There are several variations and interpretations of kissing dreams.

Dream of Being Kissed on the Lips

Dreaming about being kissed on the lips could indicate that you will experience romance or passion in the near future. You will find yourself in a sensual relationship with someone. This doesn’t have to be a serious commitment, it can be a sizzling fling.

Alternatively, the dream may be an indication that you need to take a break and take care of yourself. Perhaps you’ve been pulling long hours at work. Perhaps you’ve been busy with repairs and renovations at home. This dream is your mind telling you to pause and take the time you need to relax and unwind.

In ancient times, a dream about getting a kiss on the lips was regarded as something spiritual. They believed that if your kiss dream turned out to be something pleasant, it was a visit from a god or goddess. If it turns out to be a nightmare, an evil spirit or demon may be trying to get in touch with you.

Dreaming of Kissing Someone on the Lips

An act of kissing someone on the lips in a dream may reflect spiritual communication. This means that something ethereal is communicating with you. In the context of this dream, the kiss seals an agreement made between you and this spiritual being.

You might be dissatisfied with your life if you dreamt that you kissed someone passionately in a dream. Perhaps you are not happy with where your life is going. Perhaps you don’t enjoy the work you do. This dream tells you that you need to look deeply to figure out what you’re feeling unsatisfied with, and make some changes.

Dreaming with a kiss on the lips is somewhat an erotic dream, but it can also signify that you need to communicate better with who you’re kissing in your dream. The dream tells you that you need to be honest with this person to avoid conflicts and disagreements.

Dream About Your Crush Kissing You

Dreaming about your crush kissing you is your subconscious saying that you want to kiss your crush in real life. You might be attracted to someone but don’t have the guts to ask that person out. You might be fantasizing how it would feel like to kiss them. This dream reflects your desire to be kissed by that person you like.

Your crush being the object of the fantasy in your dream kiss doesn’t necessarily mean you want to get it on with them in reality. It might just be that you’ve been in a dry spell for so long. You haven’t had sex in a while, and you miss being intimate with someone.

If you dreamt that you kissed someone who you like very much in reality, this is an indication that you are likely to achieve something very important in the near future. This dream reminds you to keep working hard towards your goal, as it’s highly likely you will be successful.

Dreaming of Kissing Your Ex

Kissing your ex in your dreams may leave you feeling confused, but what it means is quite simple – you miss your ex. Perhaps you want to get back together. Perhaps you don’t want to rekindle the relationship, but just need closure. Whether or not you still want to be with your ex, this dream is a clear indication that you still have unresolved feelings about them.

However, kissing your ex in a dream doesn’t always mean you miss or still have feelings for your ex. You are likely remembering the good times you had together. Despite the relationship coming to an end, you shared some good memories, and these memories can sometimes show up in your dream.

It’s also possible to have this dream when there’s a major shift in your present relationship. For instance, if you used to have flings in the past, and your current relationship is monogamous and serious, you may dream of an ex. It’s your subconscious reminding you how far you have come from past relationships.

Dream of Kissing a Girl

Kissing a girl in a dream if you’re female speaks of a side of your femininity that you need to get in touch with. This dream is telling you to look deeply into yourself, and pay attention to your feminite trait that you need to connect with. This can be your vulnerability, your nurturing nature, or any other characteristic that speaks of your being a woman.

A kiss with a girl in a dream also has different meanings, depending on the physical appearance of the girl in your dream. If the kiss is with someone unattractive, the dream tells you that good changes will happen in your life. If the girl was beautiful, it’s an omen that something bad will happen which will push you over the edge.

Dreaming of kissing a girl you like is a sign of an impending health issue. It could be you or someone you care about, whose health will be put at risk. This problem won’t be life-threatening, but it will be a painful experience.

Dream About Kissing a Friend

Kissing a close friend in your dream represents your adoration and respect for your friend. There is a need for intimacy that you don’t have in real life. This may be wanting to be with them romantically, or simply your desire to be more physically expressive with your friendship.

A dream about kissing a friend may also be a sign that you lack a romantic relationship in your life. Perhaps you are living a good life. You are surrounded by family and friends, but you don’t have a romantic partner. This dream signifies your desire for a passionate relationship.

Dreams about kissing a friend can also speak of your friendship with this person. If, for instance, you had a fight with a friend, this dream is your subconscious telling you that you want to kiss and make up. When you dream that you kissed your friend goodbye, the dream likely represents an actual situation in which you and your friend will separate ways. If, however, you dreamed of sharing a passionate lover’s kiss with a friend, it means you might have hidden romantic feelings for your friend.

Dreaming of Kissing a Celebrity

Your dream of kissing a celebrity may indicate that you strive to achieve success. You need to take into consideration how you associate with this celebrity, or what makes them famous to determine what goals you aim to achieve. Perhaps you relate to one of this celebrity’s movies, or what the celebrity is famous for, is exactly what you’re hoping to achieve.

Kissing a celebrity in your dream can also mean that you want to be recognized. It doesn’t mean you want to rise to fame, it can simply be your desire to be acknowledged for your efforts. Perhaps you want to receive commendation at work. Perhaps you want to be appreciated for what you do at home. The dream signifies that you want to be praised for something you do.

This dream of kissing a celebrity may also be a sign that you are fascinated with this celebrity. They are the object of your fantasies and desires, and they manifest in your dreams. Keep in mind that while admiring someone isn’t a bad thing, developing an obsession can be harmful.

Dream of Kissing a Pastor/Dream of a Pastor Kissing You

Kissing a pastor in your dream associates with your public image. It relates to how you want to carry yourself in front of other people. This dream signifies that you want to be respected and trusted by the people around you.

A dream about a pastor kissing you is a symbol for buried memories. You have kept something that’s important to you locked away. This can be an old hobby you used to enjoy, or even memories with a loved one who passed away. This dream symbolizes your unresolved grief or a desire you’ve tucked away.

Dreams that involve kisses with a pastor denotes that you want to portray a certain person to other people. You fear revealing your feelings or thoughts to others. You paint a certain persona so people wouldn’t see right through you. This dream signifies your need to maintain a certain image.

Dream of Kissing a Stranger

In dreams in which you kiss a stranger, you are acknowledging and accepting a part of yourself that you have been repressing. It might be that you suffered a trauma you’ve been hiding, feeling ashamed of yourself. This dream is a sign that you are ready to confront the trauma, acknowledge that it happened, and accept that it wasn’t your fault. 

This dream can also signify that something is missing in your life. This can be lack of satisfaction in your personal or professional life, or a certain kind of relationship. It’s your wake up call to delve deep and figure out what’s stopping you from being completely happy.

In the dream of being kissed by a stranger, you are discovering yourself. It’s the time in your life when you are finding out who you are – your weakness, your strengths, your hopes and dreams. You are contending with who you used to be, and discovering who you want to be.

Dream Of Kissing Someone You Know

When you dream of kissing someone you know, it can often be interpreted as a desire for more intimacy or closeness with that person. Alternatively, this dream symbol could also represent repressed feelings of love and desire that you have for that person. If the kiss is shared between friends, it can suggest that you want to take your relationship to the next level.

If the kiss is shared between enemies, it can be interpreted as a desire for reconciliation. In some cases, the dream of kissing someone you know can also be a manifestation of sexual desire.

French Kissing Dream Meaning

Having a dream about French kissing someone means you need to be honest with your feelings. Perhaps you are mad at someone but instead of letting them know how you feel, you chose to ignore them. This dream is a sign that you need to be transparent with how you really feel.

When you dream of a long and passionate kiss, especially with the person you love, is a clear indication that you feel something deeply for them and want that kiss to happen. Perhaps you are holding back from telling someone how much you love them. This dream reminds you to not be afraid to express your love and devotion for someone. After all, it’s better to have loved and lost; than not having loved at all.

French kiss dreams also symbolizes the passion you crave sexually. If you’ve been on a dry spell for a while, this dream speaks of your desire for sex. If you have a boring sex life, this dream speaks of your need for something steamy or erotic. This dream is your subconscious’ way of communicating your repressed sexual feelings.

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