What Does it Mean When You Dream About Monkeys?

dream monkeys

Monkeys are sassy and playful. Although many people find these animals adorable and entertaining, they can be very cruel and potentially dangerous. Additionally, monkeys are considered extremely clever and cunning, as well as deceptive. It is believed that monkeys protect kids from evil spirits in some cultures. A monkey isn’t something people dream about very often.  

When monkeys show up in our dreams, our subconscious is telling us we need to live a more adventurous life. In dreams, monkeys symbolize playfulness, immaturity, betrayal, deceit, and intuition. 

Monkey dreams can be interpreted in various ways. For the most accurate interpretation, consider your emotions and the context within the monkey dream.

What Does Dreaming About Monkeys Mean?

The monkey symbol in dream interpretation is deemed an ironic representation of your image and a metaphor for your shortcomings such as greed, brutality, and sensuality. In some cases, dreaming about a monkey symbolizes vitality, freedom, agility, and mystery, as well as a desire to escape a rigid and boring life. Buddhists believe that the monkey in their dreams symbolizes the spark of creative ideas.

Monkeys are not often a part of dreams, but they can appear in our dreams for a variety of reasons, or after seeing them somewhere. Monkey dreams can express many different meanings, according to the context and the other symbols in the dream.

Spiritual Meaning of Monkey in a Dream

The monkey in a dream represents the man and the spirit. In the spiritual sense, seeing more monkeys is symbolic of something worse in the near future. In a general sense, monkey dreams spiritually symbolize playfulness, immaturity, deceit, betrayal, and dishonesty. Biologically, this animal holds an important place as the closest relative of man. Spiritually, monkeys symbolize mockery.

Below you will find some of the common dreams about monkeys.

Baby Monkey Dream

Dreaming of a baby monkey is a good sign. It signifies the arrival of a new member in the family. Being the dreamer, your part in the life of this child will be crucial.

Alternatively, seeing a baby monkey in a dream indicates you are neglecting a problem that will become a bigger problem in the future. A baby monkey is often viewed as cute and funny. They can, however, become destructive and dangerous once they mature.

When you dream that you are treating your monkey tenderly and taking care of him as a baby, this is a sign that you will accomplish something with the help of your talents and skills. Being afraid of picking up a small monkey in your dream is a sign that you should be cautious around petty people.

White Monkey Dream Meaning

White monkeys are a sign of wisdom and understanding. Dreaming of one symbolizes your intuitiveness and intelligence. You are someone that’s wise and rational. You also keep an open mind and are not quick to judge.

In your dreams did you see white monkeys jumping? This means you often make excuses instead of taking accountability for your actions. You are someone who doesn’t take responsibility too well and play the blame game when things fall apart.

If you saw a white monkey with red buttocks in your dream, this is a negative omen. The dream is a sign that you did something dishonest and soon, you’ll be paying for your mistake. It’s a warning to own up to what you did wrong and make it right.

Black Monkey in Dream Meaning

Dreaming about a black monkey represents your need for emotional security. You are someone who wants to keep your emotions in check. You want to achieve confidence and self-assurance. The dream speaks of your desire to feel secure in your emotions.

Black monkeys in dreams represent not using your intelligence correctly. Despite having a high IQ, you are misusing or underusing it. In this case, the monkey displays intelligence, but not necessarily wisdom.

The dream also warns you that your plan might backfire and you may lose more than you bargained for. If you come up with a scheme to get a promotion you believe you deserve, your plan may not go well and you can end up losing your job. This dream is a warning to make sure the plans you make are bullet-proof to avoid repercussions.

Flying Monkey or Monkey with Wings in Dreams

A flying monkey in a dream represents your determination to achieve your dreams. It’s a positive sign that you are working hard towards your goals. It’s a reassurance to keep pushing forward as you are on the right track.

Dreaming about a monkey with wings means that you need to let go. There is something from your past that’s holding you back. This dream is calling on you to accept what was so you can move forward. 

Dreams about a flying monkey or a monkey with dreams relate to the child within you. The inner child that still needs to learn and grow. You are discovering your strengths and weaknesses. You are learning from mistakes. This dream represents that it’s within your nature to continually seek learning and becoming better.

Monkey on My Back Dream

When you have a monkey jump on your back in your dream, it means you are being immature. You are being unreasonable and inconsiderate. Your selfish behavior is affecting other people. This dream is your subconscious telling you that you need to reflect on your negative behavior and change before you drive away other people.

Having a dream that a monkey walks back and forth or jumps on your back and you feel uncomfortable is a foreboding that something bad is about to happen. It can be a struggle you will soon face, or an unexpected accident. This dream is telling you to be careful and to watch your step.

A dream about a monkey on your back can also be a symbol of a relationship ending. You may be losing a friend, or your partner is about to break up with you. This dream tells you that there is someone in your life you’ll be saying goodbye to, and you need to prepare yourself for it.

Dream About Playing with a Monkey

Dreaming about playing with a monkey is a positive omen. It signifies that you will receive good news very soon. It can be getting recognition at work, or even a promotion. It can also be a reconciliation with an estranged or separated loved one. This dream symbolizes a blessing coming your way in the near future.

When the monkey plays with you and makes faces in your dream, it means there are fake people in your midst. There are superficial people who are not being real with you. There are people who are in your life because they simply want something from you. This dream is a warning to choose who you keep company with, because not everyone is being real with you.

Playing with a monkey in your dream can also signify that you or someone is trying to pull tricks. Monkeys are very playful creatures and when they play around, they can either be fun-loving or mischievous. This dream reminds you to be careful because not everything is always as it seems.

Dream About Being Afraid of a Monkey

The dream of being afraid of monkeys could foretell that you might experience problems at work soon. It could be that a project didn’t work out and you will get flak for it. It could be that you have a disagreement with a co-worker or a boss. The dream tells you to be wary of how you conduct yourself at work in the next few days to avoid causing issues with certain people.

Additionally, dreaming about being frightened by a monkey or ape may also indicate that chaos is brewing at work. Although you may not have been directly involved in an unsavory situation, you may be accused by your bosses. You need to watch your back and make sure not to get entangled in suspicious or incriminating situations.

This dream can also indicate your deep rooted anxiety about your job. You may be worried of something going bad at work, or losing your job. This takes root inside your head and manifests itself in your dream.

Dreams of Being Chased by Monkeys

Dreams of being chased by monkeys symbolize your strong personality. You have a curious, spontaneous and creative nature. You don’t shy away from taking risks. You also don’t mind being put in charge. 

This dream also reveals your desire for passion and intensity. You have idealisms of wanting to be a role model, or a catalyst for change in the society. You are passionate about the things you believe in. 

When you dream of monkeys chasing you, you might be worried about your health. It does not mean that you are critically ill. It’s simply your subconscious telling you that you need to prioritize your health and well being. You might be ignoring a migraine or a persistent cough which can become something serious. This dream is a warning to get yourself checked, before you jeopardize your health.

Dreaming of Chasing a Monkey

When you dream about chasing a monkey, this may represent someone who is manipulative and harbors ill feelings towards you. It’s your subconscious telling you to be wary of whom you spend time with, as they may be trying to destroy your public image and reputation. It’s a warning that someone in your life may be out to get you.

Dreaming about a monkey chasing you can also mean that you have a bad apple amongst your friends. This friend is dishonest and disloyal, and will stab you the moment you turn your back. It’s a sign to be careful who you trust, as not every friend is a good friend that has your best intentions at heart.

Having monkeys chase you in your dreams also implies a feeling of being overlooked. You feel that people treat you as a joke or nonexistent, instead of taking you seriously. You might also feel that others think you can be pushed around easily. This dream is your subconscious expressing that you want to matter and be treated with respect.

Dreaming About Catching a Monkey

Dreaming of catching a monkey implies that you crave love in your life. You might be feeling alone. You long for someone to nurture you and take care of you. This dream represents your need to have a companion.

Catching a monkey in your dream can also signify repressed sensuality. You are sexually inhibited. You have ignored physical pleasure and it’s manifesting in your dreams. It’s your subconscious letting you know that you want to be free and explore your sexuality.

Dreaming of catching and trapping a monkey relates to yourself. You have negative thoughts and feelings about yourself. Instead of confronting and contending with these negativities, you choose a scapegoat like eating or drinking habits. This dream tells you that you need to come to terms with your flaws before they end up trapping you and ruling your life.

Dream of Getting Bit by a Monkey

Dream about getting bit by a monkey denotes that you are feeling uncertain about your life’s direction. Perhaps you are feeling that something is blocking your path to moving forward. Perhaps you feel stuck in a certain situation in your life. This dream signifies you are feeling trapped in the path you currently find yourself in.

Being bitten by a monkey in your dream also reveals that you are hiding a secret. There is something in your life that you don’t want anyone to find out. You are trying so hard to cover it up and keep it buried. Your subconscious is telling you that this secret is taking a toll on you and manifesting itself in your dream.

Dreams where a monkey bites your finger may also be a reflection of your worries over how someone sees you. You are worried about making a bad impression on other people. This dream speaks of your anxiety over the image you portray to others.

Biblical Meaning of Monkey in a Dream

Biblical Meaning of Monkey in a Dream

Most people believe that monkeys in dreams represent disorder, chaos, and mischief. However, the biblical meaning of monkey in a dream is actually a positive symbol. In the Bible, monkeys are often associated with the divine.

The monkey can also be seen as a negative symbol in the Book of Revelation. In this book, the monkey is one of the beasts that come out of the sea. The beast is described as having seven heads and ten horns, and it is covered in blasphemous names. This beast represents the false prophet who will lead the world astray during the end times.

Despite the negative connotations that the monkey can sometimes have in the Bible, the overall meaning of the monkey in a dream is positive. Monkeys are often seen as symbols of playfulness, intelligence, and curiosity. They can also represent the mischievous side of our nature. However, the biblical meaning of monkey in a dream is primarily positive and should be interpreted in that light.

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