What Does It Mean When You Dream About Smoking a Cigar?


Some people dream about smoking a cigar. It resembles a piece of death that fits between the fingers, kissed by the smoker as he inhales its substance. The act of smoking a cigar requires a certain amount of control and presence, and when done intentionally, can be evocative of raw power. So what do dreams of smoking cigars mean?

If you dream of a cigar, it symbolizes the celebration of your power or triumph. Success has either come your way, you feel vindicated, or you have been recognized. This dream can also mean that you desire status or wealth.

However, seeing a cigar in a dream can be interpreted in various ways. It can indicate prosperity, a positive business outlook, and profit. Nonetheless, there may be other explanations for this dream: you could be in the wrong position in life or that you are treacherous. 

What Does a Cigar Symbolize?

When tobacco was seen to be a source of religious and medicinal benefits by indigenous peoples in what would become the Americas back in the 10th century, a very rudimentary cigar was made with leaves wrapped loosely around other leaves. During the 19th century, cigars became a desirable object of desire and became a bit more expensive. Cigars became representative of wealth. Men of wealth began to smoke cigars. During the mid-1800s, the Spanish used to control most of the world’s best cigars thanks to Cuba’s colonization by Spain. These cigars were sold around the world during that time.

Smoking cigars is regarded as a celebratory activity, though usually reserved for special events such as weddings. Hence, to smoke cigars regularly, an individual must be wealthy enough to afford this symbolic representation of success.

Dreams often associate cigars with status and celebration. A cigar in a dream may also be a metaphor for big illusions or mistakes in the dreamer’s life, or it could symbolize his erroneous view of the world.

Dream About Smoking a Cigar

It represents a relaxed mental state of mind when you dream of smoking a cigar. Your emotions are under your control. For Freud, a cigar symbolizes masculinity and phallus. Dreaming that you are smoking a cigar could also be a sign that you need to seek recovery from addiction. 

Alternatively, you may have dreamt of something that indicates you need to evaluate aspects of your life for potential health risks.

In dreams, seeing yourself smoking a cigar is a symbol that you hide your difficulties from your friends, creating temporary solutions by appearing happier. This dream also means that you may put people who appreciate you in a spoiled light by exaggerating your success too much. 

Negatively, it may be a sign of enjoying the intense humiliation of others. It may convey an unquestionable sense of supremacy or dominance. You are fully aware of abusing your power. The perception that you are in control of an unethical situation. A strong desire for power and control. A feeling of pleasure from belittling weak people. Aware that you are using your authority or superiority on people. A sense of conceit or arrogance. 

Someone Else Smoking Cigars in Dreams

In dreams in which someone else smokes a cigar, it signifies you know someone who smokes cigars. Dreams like this may also mean that someone close to you is making unhealthy decisions and needs help.

A dream like this represents something or someone that you admire. The dream represents your desire to achieve fame. A dream like this signifies that you are outside the circle of people you admire. You wish to stand out and show your presence.

When you dream that other people also smoke cigars, but you smoke in real life, it indicates that you are about to find out something exciting and unexpected. If you see other people smoking while you don’t smoke, this means you will be annoyed by some people.

Dream Meaning Cigar Case

When the dreamer sees a cigar in a dream, it symbolizes his false assumptions, mistakes, and the wrong position he is in, in life. When you see a cigar case, you know you can’t have what you want. You are out of touch with reality and often have your head in the clouds. If you want to handle problems and issues efficiently, you have to react quickly.

There is also a chance that good times will follow when one sees a cigar case. If someone gives you a cigar case, it means you have a good reputation and are respected by those around you. The loss of a cigar case in a dream signifies that you are probably going to win some money.

In the case of removing a cigar, an authoritative person will offer you something tempting. By accepting this offer, you will be able to open doors for yourself. It can bring peace, happiness, and pleasure to dream about the flavor and aroma of a cigar.

What Does Receiving a Cigar in a Dream Mean?

Cigars from strangers could indicate that someone cunning and sly wants to trick you. As well as causing a personal financial crisis, this act could also be damaging to your ego. Hence, you must be on the lookout for someone trying to defraud you. It can, however, indicate that someone will someday give you money if you receive a cigar in a dream from someone you trust.

Cigars are given as gifts as a symbol of internal control. If you dreamed of receiving cigars, it denotes that you need someone to reassure you. 

As a spiritual interpretation of the dream, receiving a cigar as a gift may represent seeking something intangible, like an opinion or a belief. What are you searching for? You will perceive a purpose in the dream, and you know deep down inside your subconscious mind that the dream holds the answer to what you are looking for. A dream in which you receive a cigar as a gift that you don’t enjoy shows that a certain lifestyle must end. Perhaps you have been overindulging lately. This dream tells you that you need to quit.

What Does Receiving a Cigar in a Dream Mean?

Dreaming that you are offering a cigar means that you will not refuse to assist someone who asks for your help. If you dream of being offered a cigar, it may signify that you will close your debts soon.

Dreaming of being offered a cigar often means you’ll be deceived by a wolf in sheep’s clothing. In essence, there is likely someone out to benefit themselves by swindling you. You could suffer serious financial and emotional damage as a result. Particularly true if the individual who gave you the cigar is someone you don’t know or recognize.

In your dream, seeing yourself take the cigar indicates that you need to overcome a problem or else you will be in big trouble.

Buying a Cigar Dream Meaning

In dreams, purchasing cigars is considered a symbol of contentment and satisfaction with your current situation in life. In other words, everything you desire has been granted to you. Additionally, you should not encounter any difficulties or hardships at the moment.

An individual who dreams of buying a cigar in his dreams shows his pride in his accomplishments in life. This is clear evidence of his satisfaction and financial stability, meaning there is no dire need for him at the moment. Such a dream could also suggest unexpected expenses for him. 

When you buy cigars, you show your adaptability, survival skills, and courage. Perhaps it’s time for you to make a fresh start. This means you are recycling skills and ideas from the past and putting them to use. It’s a metaphor for cleansing and renewal of the soul. By struggling and utilizing your wisdom, you will overcome your obstacles.

What Does It Mean To Dream About Stealing Cigars?

Your dream about stealing something indicates that something in your life isn’t meeting your needs. In dreams that suggest stealing, you might be missing something that impacts your life and your dreams, so now would be a good time to take action. Depending on the context of your dream, it can indicate neediness or vulnerability in your character.

Stolen cigars reveal disturbed consciousness with the threat of hurting someone they treasure. He is subconsciously aware that if he wants to retain the good relationship he had, he must apologize. 

When someone else steals your cigar, it indicates that they care about your health. It is a sign that you may have a medical condition, and you need to see a doctor as soon as possible.

Rolling a Cigar Dream Meaning

When you dream of rolling a cigarette, you are predicting success in business and personal relationships. Taking a break from your everyday obligations and routine might seem beneficial, at least for a minute. A hobby that you enjoy might return to your life. For example, you might knit, sew, make something, or do some exercise. Work or study will need to be finished quickly, so you can devote the rest of your day to something you enjoy.

When you see someone else roll, it can indicate a moment of utter happiness with your significant other or good news.

This dream also indicates that you do not lack the ability to accomplish your goals, but you just lack the courage. It may be difficult for you to believe in yourself, but you must.

Dreams About Cigar Smoke

It is a sign of someone trying to manipulate you if you dream about cigar smoke. Someone is trying to keep something from you and has a strong influence over you. Keep an eye on those around you who fit this profile.

A dream about smelling cigar smoke shows that resentment is accumulating in you that could blow up one day and cause a major conflict. Your emotions are strong, but you are sloppy and fragile at the same time.

In dreams, seeing someone blow cigar smoke in your face is a warning against anger and argument. You are hiding your true self from others. You lack the skills you need to accomplish a goal. Unfortunately, your dream reveals a lack of creativity, strength, or power. It suggests you are unwilling to bend to the will of others.

Dreaming of Smoking Cigars Instead of Cigarettes

Occasionally, some dreamers might smoke a cigar instead of a cigarette. The person who smokes a cigar instead of a cigarette will find that they are addicted to the cigarette, while the person who smokes a cigar will not be as addicted.

Dreaming about smoking a cigar can relax you as well as make you feel less stressed. As a result, you will be more energetic, healthier, and able to quit smoking. You will also experience a mental high.

A cigar smoked in your dream allows you to get lost in the aroma and to enjoy the experience. You’ll feel less anxious and stressed, and you’ll be free from all the negative thoughts that swirl around in your mind.

What Does It Mean To Dream of Cigars When in a Good Mood?

A cigar can be a dream for most people when they are happy or feel good about their life. When they dream of smoking a cigar, they believe that their lives will be more fun and less stressful. In addition to your dreaming of smoking cigars, you could also experience more pleasure in your relationship.

You are someone who enjoys the finer things in life if you dream about smoking cigars. You’re laid-back and relaxed by nature, but you’ve earned it. You’ve put in a lot of work and hard work pays off, and you can now live a truly hedonistic life. This dream tells you that you should relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Regarded as a symbol of wealth, prosperity, and luxury, cigars dreaming of cigars could relate to pleasures in life in general. It should remind you of how wonderful life is and how many things there are to enjoy. Even if expensive cigars symbolize luxurious living in real life, in the world of dreams, they might just symbolize the pleasures of life.

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