What Does It Mean When You Dream About Snakes?

snake dream meaning

Depending on the unique situation in your waking life, snake dreams can happen in widely different environments. You may encounter a snake in your house or dream that a snake bites you; the meaning will vary for different people.

Snakes in your dreams are commonly a symbol of fear or transformation. The fear is usually something you’ve been putting off dealing with and can be a wake up call to take action. Traditionally snakes in dreams mean there is transition happening in your life.

How to Interpret Dreams about Snakes

Most people relate snakes to negativity; but this should not be the case. Snakes in your dreams can have either a positive or a negative significance. Before jumping to conclusion, take a moment and think about the following questions:

  • Who was there with you?
  • What was the color of the snake?
  • What did the snake do?
  • What were your feelings?

Some of the popular snake in your dream interpretations:

1. Fear

The dog may be man’s best friend but little is told about man’s worst enemy – fear. You may be afraid of someone, or something that you are too scared to commit yourself, like your boss, teacher, neighbor, or an unkind situation. Instead of breaking you, snakes in your dream could be a wakeup call for facing your fears.

2. Transformation

In some indigenous communities of the world, dreaming of a snake represents growth and renewal. If you are undergoing some tough situation in your life right now, snakes in your dream could mean that you are about to settle your struggles and experience a significant change in your life. Turn away from the troubles of time and reprieve yourself the heavy burden.

3. Phallic symbol

For many cases of people suppressing their sexual urges, experiencing impotence, stayed long without meeting their lovers, snakes mean that it is about time you quench your thirst. Dreaming of snakes could be a psychosexual symbol.

4. Anxiety

Snakes usually appear in dreams of people who have anxiety issues. They will appear in your dream mostly when your emotions are unstable. Snakes represent stress, anger, and sadness, which could depict that you have to turn your life around. Expert resource and medication are usually available to help take care of your stress levels and anxiety as well.

5. Wisdom

There are a number of Native American and Asian cultures that believe snakes represent knowledge and wisdom. According to the cultures, dreaming of a snake could mean that you are seeking answers or knowledge about a particular topic of interest.

Interpreting the Color of Snakes in Dreams

Black Snakes in Dreams

A black snake represents the darkness that surrounds your life. There is something ominous awaiting and it should be a wakeup call to be cautious with the people around you or a situation you could be facing. Maybe you are in distress because of a past relationship that broke you apart, or you are having financial challenges paying bills, black snake is bad energy. Depression or sadness should be phased off – share with relevant people who will help you handle what you are currently experiencing.

Red Snakes in Dreams

As suggested by the red color, seeing a red snake in your dream symbolizes intense passion, in most cases sexual passion. It is not all fairy with red, as it could be a warning that potential danger is about to happen. Experts suggest that once you wake up examine the finer details to find out if there was something alarming in your dream.

Yellow Snakes in Dreams

Yellow snakes represent your inner light. They signify intellectual abilities, as well as wisdom. A yellow snake in your dream depicts that you are getting guidance towards solving a problem or getting an answer to a troubling topic at hand. Listening to your gut and knowing what is right is what should be done the moment you snap from the dream.

Common Meaning of Snake Dreams

What does a snake bite in dream mean?

This could be a warning that someone or something is about to harm you. Maybe it is something from your past causing sleepless nights, or you are trapped in a helpless situation. Ignoring the dream is not the solution; take the bull by its horns.

meaning of snake biting you in your dreams

Snakebite is also a sign that a dramatic change is about to happen in your life, especially if it bites on the leg or foot. The legs represent stability, and “affecting” stability means that a major change is about to be witnessed.

Was it a ‘snake in bed’ or house dream?

When you dream of a snake in your house, first understand that the house here may represents something else. It can be your friends, family, finances, or in some cases responsibilities. A snake in your house could mean that you are having disunity in your family, financial problems, or maybe represent the negative atmosphere where you live.

Take a moment, meditate, and you will see where the problem lies. Although it may be tougher to deal with it at first, with proper guidance it can be solved.

Dream of being chased by a snake?

Fear and panic attack is the first feeling the moment you wake up from a snake-chase. This probably means you are avoiding or escaping from something or someone in your life. No matter the reason, it is not friendly at all. Some of the reasons include avoiding a bad situation, wanting to speak your mind, or being caught up in a situation where there are few options. And difficult choices have to be made.

Or, Did you dream of dead snake?

Fortunately, dead snakes have a positive meaning. A dead snake in your dream signifies the end of fear, deceit, or temptation. It means that change is taking place and there will be a fresh beginning. The snake represents different things to different people that is why it would be wise to understand your interpretations. If you are the one who killed the snake, then it means you are defeating the darkness that is in your life.

Snake dream meaning while pregnant

A snake in an expectant mother’s dream is a sign of a healthy pregnancy. This is a welcoming message to parents and the rest of the family although different colors come with a different meaning. Most notably: a black snake represents a baby boy, a white one a baby girl, whereas a red snake represents luck. A green snake signifies health and fertility as well.

Dreams about being bitten by multiple snakes

Multiple snakes in a dream is a sign of abundance in terms of positive vibes. It means you are currently experiencing lots of energy that is overwhelming you. This energy varies, as to some it may represent sexual energy and to others wisdom. If you are in any way frightened by the snakes, you have to find the ideal approach to accommodate the overflow in your wake-life.

Dream of venomous snake?

It is a common interpretation that snakes represent men mainly because of their phallic features. A venomous snake in your dream, therefore, denotes that a dangerous man close to you, or a poison that is within you. This an appeal to avoid some people in your life or change from your dented lifestyle.

Religion: Biblical Meaning of Snakes in Dreams

In Islam, Judaism, and Christianity, dreaming of snakes is bad luck. The snake is considered a deceitful and vicious creature that represents trouble. It means that something terrible is happening in your life. Religious leaders believe that redemption can only be achieved through prayers and total commitment to their teachings.

snake in a dream meaning bible

Spiritual Meaning of Snake Dreams

Apart from religious thoughts, different regions of the world have different interpretations of these mystic creatures. For example, the Chinese believe that snakes are intelligent, mysterious, sneaky, and manipulative. They do not share the same religious sentiments as mentioned above. To the Chinese, the snake represents power and strength. When a person dream of the transformation of a snake to a dragon, then it depicts that personal growth could be realized.


The past and the present may guide your unconscious response to different people or situations. However, it is important to get a deeper understanding of why certain things happening in your dream. Try talking to an expert, a friend, or family in case you are going through troubling memories that may end up affecting your normal life.

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