What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone?

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Dreams are enigmatic. The more we dream the more we crave looking for ways to decode the puzzle of what takes place in our dreams. And having personally dreamt of certain people in certain events, I was eager to learn exactly what it means to dream about someone? Although some of us may take it lightly, dreams are valid and there many reasons why you might be seeing people in your dream.

It is obvious to dream about someone you like, dislike, or even someone you’ve never met before. However, it might be deeper where personality is involved, or a relationship you had with someone. This is why you need to familiarize yourself with the following points so that the next time you see someone in our dream you’ll probably get the message.

What Do Dreams Mean?

Dream About Someone You Like

Dreaming about someone you like is a common thing especially when it is a person you are passionate for. It happens mostly because this person is in your presence all day and this is reflected in recent studies. The research shows that if you think a lot about someone or something throughout the day including when you go to bed at night, you’ll probably dream about it.

Sometimes the meeting might have taken place a week before but as long as you keep thinking about this person then you’ll probably meet him/her in your dream. Whatever the events that happened prior to the dream you need to pay close attention to the details to unravel the enigma.

What happened in the dream? Was that person happy? Did that person like you back? If your answer is a strong Yes’ to these questions then it means you are secure and confident in your relationship with this person. This means that it is time to take the next step of advancing whatever you have between the two of you. If you doubt the answers to the questions then you should probably take caution in your engagements.

Dream About Someone You Love

Dreaming about someone you love is the kind of dream that you need to pay close attention to. You should remember and cognize the details to what is actually happening to that person or their relationship with you at the time. When you dream about someone you love, most of the time shows how deep you love, or are passionate about, that person.

For example, when the dream is full of happiness and joy then it means you are deep in your relationship. However, if it was all yelling, fighting and any other instability, it could happen that your relationship is losing ground and slowly fading away.

Dreaming of your partner with someone else probably means that the relationship you once had with that person is no longer the same. You might be losing connection and it could mean that you are not passionate as you used to.

Dream About Someone Who Is Already Dead

As weird as it may sound, these are dreams we have at one point in life. Depending on the circumstance that took place, dreaming about someone who has passed could be positive or negative. Note that the reason for the dream could be that the person who you were so close to is offering you comfort and closure. The point you need to consider is if you had an issue with the person before the death a closure should be considered, or if you are currently going through a rough patch after the death. Great comfort and guidance are what this person has brought to you in the dream.

Spiritual theories exist in connection to dreaming of the dead. Some deceased person may appear in your dream to disclose the location as well as the reason for death. Another case may involve the disclosure of an unknown killer, or disclosing where the body is hidden.

Dream About Sex

Some people may call it “wet dreaming” but no matter what you call it, the meaning is the same since there is an outlet of passion and desire. For starter, you should note that having sex with someone in your dream does not obviously mean that you are attracted to that person. It doesn’t even mean that your desire is to engage in sex with that person.

Let’s say, you dreamt that you are having sex with your boss. This might not mean that you want the person that much but it may also be that your boss is the person you interact with most of the day and your subconscious mind allows it to happen. However, if you dream about someone you like or are interested in then it could mean that you are attracted to that person and the passion and sex in your dream serve as a stress reliever.

Dream About A Celebrity

An icon, in this case, is a public figure, and truth be told, there is a couple of times we meet and engage with famous people in our dreams. A few reasons can attest to this, the first one being that you need to set the bar high by improving from your current position in life. For example, if you are an actor and dream you are engaging with Nicholas Cage, then it could need that you need to pull up your sleeves and get to the next stage in your acting career.

Another reason why you dream about famous people is getting over disappointments in life. Something massive might have broken your heart and dreaming of iconic people gives you hope that something great is on its way.


Dream About A Family Member

Dreaming about family is one of the common dreams we have, especially the members that are close. Your dream is a reflection of your reality and family-member dreams mostly happen when we are closely attached to a family member and it happens that the person has not been around for a while. Another case is of parents who always think of their kids all day; they could probably dream of them. Conversely, the child may also dream of other family members due to mutual attachments.

Dream About Someone From Your Past

Everyone we meet and interact with throughout our lives represents a journey. Some actually made a positive impact while others negative impact that we would wish to forget about them. Nevertheless, you can never shape your dreams and whether positive or negative, we still dream about the pros and cons of this life.

Sometimes it could be an old crush that you went to high school with or a colleague that you used to spend most of your time with. Your past scenarios might be countless but what’s important is to get the context to clearly understand the message. Maybe it is a recent event that you have engaged in that trigger old memories. The person could have made a serious impact in the past and that the trigger is closely related to that person.

Dream About Someone Dying

Dreaming about someone’s death, and actually, the person is not dead could be positive. This usually means that you are actually prolonging that person’s life. In a religious setting reflecting on various communities. Dreaming that someone is dead is prolonging that person’s life through your dream.

Dream About Killing Someone

Killing someone in your dream means that you don’t like the person and in that case, you transfer your frustrations in your dream. This person is usually an enemy or a person that has recently wronged you.

Dream That Someone Made A Mistake

When you dream that someone has made a mistake, it probably means that you are afraid of surprises. It could mean that you are experiencing fear of certain things that you did not expect to happen in your life.

Dream About A Serial Killer

Although it may be scary, and it may end up disturbing your sleep, dreaming about a serial killer should not worry you. The “serial killer” in your dream may not be having ill intention. In any case, you dream that the killer is attacking you, this indicates that is unique from the people around you. Maybe you are smatter, prettier, or successful than the people around you.

Another scenario is that dreaming that you have lost a loved one could mean that you are in fear the person. It may also mean that you are undergoing some difficulties in your life and you are worried about your future. This means you’ll be expressing your fears through death in your dream.

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Conclusion: What Your Dreams Are Telling You

There is no complex science behind interpreting dreams. Breaking down the interpretation comes down to what you are feeling. If you believe like most people that dreams have a deeper meaning you need to start digging on the significance of the dreams you are having. You need to start thinking about and asking yourself what aspects of your life are being affected in relation to what you see in your dreams.

Some of the dreams might be motivated by wish-fulfillment and others are simply the product of our cognitive side with regards to experience. all in all, it is important to have a platform or an interpreter to help you unravel the mysteries of the dream world.

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