What Does It Mean When You Dream About The Devil?

Devil in Dreams

Having a dream in which the devil is involved is scary. Dreaming about the devil is a nightmare that no one wants to experience. The devil is a figure that represents evil in its entirety. Anyone can dream about the devil whether you’re religious or not.

Dreaming about the devil is almost always preceded by watching a horror movie. However, if you have a dream about the devil and before you slept, you had not watched a horror movie, then there’s a message behind your dream.

When your dream involves the devil, there are many situations and forms that can take place. These situations and forms almost always appear as perceived appearances. There are times that the devil himself shows up in the dream in the classic look that we all associate him with. There are also people who dream of being possessed by the devil.

Whether you call the devil Satan or Belcebu, dreaming about the devil cause you to wake up with a racing pulse and sweats all over your body. When this happens, you’re possibly experiencing feelings of fear, indecision, or fear of failing, all of which are flooding your mind.

There are times you can experience “demons in oblivion”, where you recall the unpleasant experiences that make you feel uncomfortable. However, to know what dreaming about the devil means you must know the details of your dream as well as its context.

Therefore, what does it mean to dream about the devil?

People often maintain two personalities in their lives, positive and negative character. The positive personality is represented by generosity, kindness, and joy. The negative nature is represented by anger, lust, resentment, and greed. There are times that you show your tender side while there are situations that turn you into an envious and selfish person.

We all recognize when we do wrong. Therefore, the punishment for our wrongdoings is presented by our subconscious through dreams about the devil. The purpose of the dream is to make you feel guilty for your wrongdoings and, in turn, repent. This interpretation is, however, general.

The general interpretation might answer your question, what does it mean to dream about the devil since your dream experience is much more subjective. Therefore, you need to internalize the dream both in your personal situation and in the context of the dream.

The devil might be you or a person who causes fear.

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Dreaming of the devil represented in a woman’s form

When you dream of the devil in the form of a woman it’s an indication you have hurt a lady. Therefore, it is your duty to find out who the person is that you inflicted pain upon. In another context, dreaming about the devil in the form of a woman can mean that a woman is planning to betray you. Once again, you have to look closely to find out who might be intended to betray you.

Dreaming of the devil in a man’s form

The interpretation of a dream in which the devil is in a man’s form is similar to that of the devil in a woman’s form. You have hurt someone, and you have to correct that mistake so that the devil stops chasing you.

A man close to you might also be planning to betray you. Therefore, you need to investigate your circle of friends and be on the lookout for suspicious behavior.

Dreaming of the devil in a child’s form

What does it mean when you dream about the devil in the form of a child? Such a dream shows you feel deep remorse towards a child. Dreaming of the devil in a child’s form can also mean there is fear in the thought of losing a child, fear of a child taking a wrong path, or him/ her becoming a bad person.

Dreaming of the devil in the shape of a dog

The devil in your dreams can take many forms, and a dog is one of them. Such a dream indicates that you have a fear of dogs. It is likely that during the day you ran into a dog and at night while you are sleeping, your subconscious reminds you of this experience.

Dreaming of the devil in the shape of a cat

Similar to a dream in which the devil takes the form of a dog, dreaming of the devil as a cat shows you are afraid of cats. The reason behind such a dream can be a result of you having an encounter with a cat during the day.

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Dreaming of talking with the devil

What does talking to the devil in your dream mean? Such a dream is an indication that you’re involved in a relationship or business deal that at on the surface is beneficial. This dream is like caution to you.

The dream is trying to tell you to think carefully before taking the next step in the relationship or business you’re immersed in. Do not judge a book by its cover, and appearances can be deceiving.

Dreams where you are fighting with the devil

When your dreams involve you fighting the devil, it is an indication that you have all you need to face any situation and emerge victorious. Beating the devil in the fight shows that you possess high inner strength and a lot of spirituality.

Dreams where you are the devil

What about if you have a dream where you are the devil? Although such a dream can be disturbing, this dream is trying to communicate with you. It means you have a moral burden of some actions you took, and you think how you acted was not right. It is a reflection of your feeling of guilt.

Dreams where the devil is your friend

Dreaming about the devil and more so you being a friend of the devil could freak you out. However, this dream is an indication that you are a person who is easy to manipulate. It is easy to persuade you to do things you don’t want to do.

Dreaming about the devil but not seeing it

You can dream about the devil doing an action like laughing but you are not seeing him in the dream. Such a dream has a dream that revolves around a feeling of deep sadness. This sadness is a result of an adverse action taken on a person that is close to you.

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Dreaming of the devil chasing you

If you dream a demon is chasing you, it might indicate that you are experiencing anxiety or fear while you are awake which relates to your past. Try to find out the event that took place in your past that is still making you upset and work to resolve it.

Dreaming of being possessed by a demon

What do dreams about being possessed by the devil mean? Dreaming of demonic possession an indicator that you are feeling helpless and not in control of your own ability to live your life.

Dreams about the devil coming after you

When you dream of the devil coming after you, it could be a warning from your subconscious to watch out for someone or something that seems evil. It could also be a sign that you’re feeling guilty about something, or that you’re in danger of being tempted by something bad. Alternatively, it could be a symbol of your own dark side, or of something dark and scary in the world around you.

Other interpretations

Seeing the devil in your dreams might be a representation that right now, there something wrong happening in your life, and you need to stand up to that situation. Probably you are avoiding asking for help for problems you are experiencing.

Religious interpretation of dreaming about the devil

Dreams viewed to be from a supernatural being; then, their origin is either God, angels, or demons. Generally, according to religion, the devil is a symbol of our fear of death. According to religion, if you believe in God, dreaming about the devil is a result of your fear of committing sins.

It can also be a test of how strong are when you are faced with temptation or an indication of possible danger in the future.

The meaning of dreaming about the devil in psychology

Famous psychologists in history state that having dreams that involve the devil is connected to your subconscious. Dreams about the devils have their basis on your fear of punishment as well as a sense of guilt, and therefore, if fear causing you to dream about the devil you need to stop panicking and instead start searching for solutions.

Psychologists also suggest that dreaming about the devil could mean you need to forgive yourself and move on. Once you forgive yourself, there is a high possibility the dreams involving the devil will go away.

Dreaming about the devil is not pleasant. However, identifying what these dreams mean could offer you peace of mind as well as a solution to situations that are bothering you in your waking life. Once you have identified the answer to your question, you can finally enjoy a goodnight sleep without fear of nightmares.

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