What Does It Mean When You Dream About Your Ex?

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We go to sleep to get much-needed relaxation but sometimes the contrary happens, we wake up more stressed than before because our dreams were rather odd. It is very strange that in some cases one dreams about someone or thing that they would rather forget. Unless you’re hoping that they would return to your life, dreams about an ex are as scary as nightmares, leaving one wondering why the subconscious would dig them out.

Dreaming about an ex can mean you are comparing them to your new partner subconsciously, or if you see an ex die in a dream this usually means that you have finally gotten over them. If you are dreaming about the break up this often means that you are still not over them.

If you are in this situation, let’s try to figure out what your dreaming about an ex could possibly mean. As we go down this road remember, not all dreams about exes mean you subconsciously want to get back together with them. Before delving into these dreams, you need to understand that the ex in the dream may be a representation of your male or feminine side. It could also be a manifestation of your relationship with men and women in general.

Dreaming About An Ex

If you dream about an ex when you just got into a new relationship, there is a chance that you are comparing them. Your subconscious is trying to sort out the positives and negatives to ensure the success of this new relationship. Dream experts agree that a dream starring an ex may be a representation of a part of you. It could mean that you’re neglecting certain aspects of yourself or living up too much of yourself.

Dream About Your Ex Dying

To see an ex die in a dream is a symbolic acknowledgment that you have already moved on. If, on the other hand, you dream they are just missing, it might be a reflection of your desire for that relationship. Something in your present life makes you fondly remember certain aspects of your former love.

Dream About Fighting With Ex

Dreams of you and your ex fighting or reuniting suggest that there is something in your current life bringing back memories of that relationship. The memories could be because you’re reminiscing about the positive experiences you had with your past lover. Such a dream may be triggered by a major shift in your current relationship.

Dreams About Confronting an Ex

If you dream about confronting a person who ghosted you then you’re expressing anger, disappointment or frustration with that person because you were unable to do it in reality. If in the dream you find yourself dating the person who ghosted you, it’s the mind’s way of helping you move past the issue.

Dream About Breaking up With Ex

Some dreams may involve your ex breaking up with you all over again. In this case, you’re clearly not yet over the incident. The trauma makes you replay the incident all over again.

Dream About Your Ex in Danger

If your psyche is trying to help you let go of things you’re holding on to, a dream about an ex being in danger and you not helping may occur. If you dream of an ex killing you, there is a possibility that the breakup brought something to an end that you weren’t over. On the flip side, you might dream about killing your ex if you are actively trying to get over the relationship.

Dream About Ex’s Family

In some cases, you might find yourself dreaming of hanging out with an ex’s family. This is your psyche wondering why the routine of your previous relationship had to change. You were used to doing certain things together but as time passes, you will stop having this dream.

Recurring Dream About Your Ex

Constantly dreaming about an ex when the breakup was brutal means that you are fearful of being hurt again. It could also be your brain’s way of telling you that the current relationship is headed down a similar path. Maybe you don’t have full closure and need to take action to change the course of the new relationship.

If the ex in your dreams is your first love, the person often embodies what first love felt like. It is possible that you miss the excitement, passion and bubbly feelings that the relationship brought. This dream could recur if you’re feeling like your current relationship has become monotonous or when you’ve been in a dry spell for long.

Dreaming about an ex may also be a sign that you need to make peace with them. Your brain may be creating an opportunity for you to do this especially if there wasn’t a chance for forgiveness between you. There is a huge chance that something in your life is making you unhappy when you dream about an ex. The ex, in this case, represents something that you should break up with in order to move forward with life.

If you have children with an ex and are dreaming about fighting with him/ her, it is possible that there is a negative issue you’re grappling with. If in the same dream you’re getting along, then it’s your psyche telling you to maintain a civil relationship for the sake of the children.

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Why Do I Dream About My Ex?

Dreaming about an ex often points to an unfulfilled need. Something you always wanted to do but never got around to it. This could be an emotional or physical activity that you desire but still have not the nerve to do.

Sometimes we may have dreams about ex because they have some qualities that we wish our current partners would bear. Maybe the ex was very caring, sexually active, adventurous or successful and you wish for the same in your current partner. The opposite may also be true. If you had a negative past relationship, you might associate negativity to that relationship and by extension your ex.

Dreaming that your ex is admitted in the hospital means that you are still trying to deal with the breakup. If he doesn’t leave the hospital, this dream is suggestive of unresolved issues between you but if he is released, the dream may be a reminder that you have moved on. If that ex is wearing a suit at the hospital, it is suggestive of your having come to terms and healed from the breakup.

If your ex gave you a stuffed animal in a dream, don’t be caught up thinking that you subconsciously want him back. On the contrary, it may be representative of an immature relationship you previously had. The same dream could also mean you are seeking nurturing and reassuring aspects of the relationship you had once before.

If you have a dream that you’re freely walking away with your ex, then your current may not be measuring up. If the ex kidnaps you, then they still have an emotional hold over you. Dreaming that your ex moved on means you had an amicable breakup and can keep it civil with one another.

Strange Dreams About Exes

In a strange twist, a girl may dream about her current boyfriend’s ex. In a way, this dream means you are insecure in the feeling that she is still a part of your current relationship. If the dream is about an ex-girlfriend that you never had may mean you’re rejecting certain aspects of your emotions.

Men may dream of their ex-girlfriend being pregnant. In this case, the meaning may be one of two things. If the baby is yours, there is a big chance you hope to get back together. If it’s another man’s baby, it suggests that you are ok with the relationship being over but still care for the girl.

Odd as it may seem, you are likely to dream about your ex-girlfriend’s mother if you have unresolved issues with the girl. You wish to reach out to her through her mother, who is likely to listen better.

If you see an ex-boyfriend giving you relationship advice in your dream, it is the subconscious warning you not to repeat the mistakes that led to the breakup.

Dreaming that the ex ignores you is a clear sign that you need to move on and stop thinking about the ex too much. If the dream is about wanting them back, it may be a true reflection of your desires. Also, it could suggest that you miss feeling wanted in a relationship if you are currently single.

Apart from ex-partners, we may sometimes have vivid dreams about an ex-friend. This friend may represent a lesson you learn from the breakup or an incident that reminds you of the friend.

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We all have dreams that we regard as odd. If you keep having the same dream about the same person, there is a possibility that your mind is trying to send you a message, help you cope with a situation or warn you of looming danger. In some cases, the dream is a reflection of your innermost desires. To properly interpret a dream you need to bear in mind your feelings, the setting, what was said and the other person’s demeanor.

Carefully analyze your life in your waking moments to understand why you are dreaming this way. If you choose to share a dream about an ex with your current partner, take time to consider their emotions and the state of your relationship as well.

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