What Does It Mean When You Dream About Your Teeth Falling Out?

Dream About Teeth Falling Out

Believe it or not, teeth dreams are some of the most common. Many people report having experienced this dream at least once. It is not normal for teeth to just fall out in an adult’s waking life, which explains why people wake up in a sweat when they experience this dream.

To prove that teeth dream has been happening since the ancient days, one of the earliest interpretations came from Artemidorus from Greece who related it to payment of a debt. Talmud, another interpreter associated teeth dreams with the impending loss of a family member. On the flipside, Freud said that teeth dreams were a representation of sexual elements like castration and masturbation. In normal circumstances, teeth falling out are a challenge to your survival and this explains why it is so worrying to experience this dream.

Teeth falling out in dreams

Teeth falling out are a scary thing that isn’t welcome in waking life or a dream. So why are you constantly having this eerie dream? Is it time to go to a dentist? Not necessarily. Like a most recurring, vivid dream, there must be an underlying reason for it. These possible meanings could help you determine what the universe is trying to tell you.

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Losing control

People often have this dream when they feel like they are losing control. This could be in their career, family, or relationships. If your kids are finally 18 and ready to move out, you failed to reach an objective at work and are at a crossroads with your romantic relationship, it is possible for you to dream of your teeth falling on your plate when you take a bite of food. Alternatively, it could point to increased control, power and confidence in something.


It is possible that you will receive lots of money in the near future if you dream of losing a tooth. This interpretation is drawn from the tradition where you leave your tooth under the pillow for the tooth fairy who will replace it with a dollar.


Some people are so afraid of loss, it manifests in their dreams. If you fear to lose your kids to an accident for example or your money through some shady deal, it is highly likely you will have this dream. Your unconscious thoughts are pushed to your subconscious which interprets loss of concrete things in life to the scary loss of teeth.

Scared of aging

To some people, nothing is scarier than growing old, as it means losing control over things you value. One of the signs that you are growing old is missing teeth so it is no wonder that people with an intense fear of old age might dream this way. Retirement, declining health and a loss of touch are common reasons why people worry about old age. These may cause frequent nightmares about losing teeth.

Women experiencing or close to menopause are also predisposed to this dream, which is a manifestation of their fears over getting old.


A common interpretation of this dream is that you let a secret out and are very worried you might have said something wrong.


Teeth falling out in a dream may be symbolic of giving birth to something new. It represents the pain and tension often associated with birth or starting something. Whether its an actual baby, a job, a new home or car, period of significant growth often result in this dream.

Poor communication

Experts believe that you might be having this dream because you have trouble expressing your feelings about something in real life. It could be at work that you are afraid to talk about or the feeling that you are being silenced in a relationship.

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If you are a woman dreaming of teeth falling out, this may be a pointer to your inner longing to have a child.


It is a common belief that when you see all your teeth fall off in a dream, a person close to you will die. Since time immemorial people have associated loss of teeth to the portending death of a relative or close friend. This is probably why many people would avoid discussing this strange occurrence.

Desire to be nurtured

There are some people who have this dream because they crave the days when they were children and had all their needs catered to. This may stem from an overwhelming sense of responsibility that you wish would go away. As opposed to this desire to be nurtured, this may indicate a period of potential growth. A time when if you play things right, they will turn out great.


Sometimes we can’t seem to make a clear decision about something. If we are constantly avoiding making a decision, this dream may be the mind’s way of telling us there will be consequences for our inaction.

Fears about genitalia

It is believed that teeth falling off for men mean they have intense fears of losing their genitalia. It could be through castration or another method that gives the man severe anxiety. This dream could also be brought about by concerns for one’s safety.

Teeth falling out when you’re pregnant

Pregnant women constantly dream of teeth falling out especially when their feelings intensify in the second trimester. It is at this stage of pregnancy that most women start feeling the loss of control over their lives. These powerless feelings take center stage in their conscious mind and manifest as losing teeth in a dream.

Someone else losing their teeth

If it is not your teeth falling off, it could be a friend’s, family members or boss. This dream is a sign that you should avoid getting close to this individual. Your psyche is warning that this individual shouldn’t be trusted and you must avoid any close involvement with them. Whenever you dream of another person’s teeth falling out, you certainly have issues with them.

On a less troubling note, this dream could just be a sign that someone needs your help. The meaning here is largely dependent on your relationship with this person in real life.

Other dream interpretations of teeth falling out

From the Greeks to the Chinese all cultures and religions seem to have a unique interpretation for dreams where teeth are falling out.

Chinese believe that one is being deceitful if they see their own teeth falling out in a dream.

For the Greeks, this dream is a prediction of death or illness of a family member. We need teeth to survive, so losing them means we cannot eat to live.

Christians believe that teeth symbolize an ability to chew the word of God. To see your own teeth fall out in a dream means you lack wisdom or faith. If an incisor falls off, Christians believe that you are lacking spiritual vision given that these teeth are also known as “ye teeth.” For believers in Christianity, wisdom teeth falling off in a dream are a clear sign that you lack wisdom. If it is the front teeth that fall out, the dream is an indication that you are very busy and are probably biting off more than you can chew.

In Islam, you are doing worthless things if the teeth fall out without causing pain. If you don’t feel any pain, the dream is symbolic of loss and you will become rich if you caught the falling teeth in your hands.

Among the Sudanese, a dream of losing teeth is considered a good omen. This is unlike a dream of toothy grin that is seen by these people as a bad omen.

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Conclusion: the meaning of teeth falling out in a dream

Dreams of teeth falling out may represent our insecurities and often happen at times of transition. For people who may be approaching 40, this dream could be a testament to your fear of getting older or losing your sexual attractiveness. At times when you are feeling conflicted about making a choice, you are likely to have this dream. If you are afraid of making a decision, this dream will happen as a sign of these fears.

If the dream entailed animal teeth, it could be that you are facing aggression over a matter. False teeth in a dream show that you are concerned about your self-image.

Whenever you want to have a dream interpreted it’s important to ask yourself some simple questions:

  • Is a new phase in life bringing you insecurities?
  • Are you in touch with reality?
  • Do you fear change?

Answering these questions with absolute honesty will help you understand why your psyche is sending you this odd dream. Upon closer analysis, it is clear that teeth falling out may signal poor health, death, and other bad omens but remember, it could have a positive meaning depending on your situation. Through the accurate interpretation of this dream, you will be able to resolve the issue and work on your insecurities to enable you to live a life devoid of worry.

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