What Does It Mean When You Dream of Choking?

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Have you ever had something stuck in your throat? It is truly among the worst experiences one can have in real life. Similarly, to dream of choking could be uncomfortable and frightening. It might fill you with fear or panic, causing you to suddenly wake up drenched in sweat or trying to catch your breath.

To dream of choking implies that you are struggling with certain events or situations in your life. Your choking dream could also mean that there are certain facts that you find hard to accept. Alternatively, the dream means you are having difficulty expressing yourself to others.

Choking dreams are revealing something very deep and significant for you in real life. Certainly, it isn’t about chewing properly or eating slowly, but paying attention to ideas and emotions which you may be suppressing. Here are some common dreams about choking and what such dreams mean.

What Does Being Choked in a Dream Mean?

A dream about being choked frequently reflects certain anxieties and problems that you are experiencing in your waking life. A dream like this is urging you to acknowledge and handle them.

Dreams of being choked may also indicate that you must be having negative thinking patterns and showing a pessimistic attitude. Your subconscious is showing you such dreams to help you realize that negative energy will only cause you misery.

In many situations, to dream of choking signifies feeling pressured and limited by situations or circumstances. This might be in reference to your personal relationships, career, financial situation, or other aspects of your life. You fear there really is nothing you can do to improve the situation.

Such a dream could also be the outcome of being overcome by feelings toward someone or something. You may be repressing these feelings, causing you emotional suffocation.

When you are unable to convey your thoughts and emotions, you may dream about choking. You would really like to voice your concealed thoughts or unexpressed feelings about a certain matter, however, for some reason you are unable to do so, and you are suffocated by these unsaid words.

Dreaming about choking may also indicate that you are making quite so many rash life decisions without considering the implications. The sensation of being suffocated is a result of having too much going on and being unable to keep up. You should pause for a moment and take the time to breathe before you exhaust yourself.

Dream About Being Choked by a Spirit

Dreaming about a ghost choking you may indicate that you are attempting to free yourself from anything that’s disrupting your life. These could be bad vices or toxic people that are causing chaos in your life.

The dream might be a sign that you are trying to get out of a tough position in real life. Perhaps you are trapped in an unhealthy or unhappy relationship, a miserable job, or a complicated situation. The dream is your subconscious mind urging you to release yourself from anything that’s stopping you from moving forward in the right direction.

If you were choked by a spirit in your dream, it could signify that something in the past is disrupting your present and hindering your future. The spirit represents your past still hovering over you while choking represent your need to free yourself from it. Such a dream is telling you that the only way to move forward is to come to terms with what has happened in the past.

Dreams of Choking on Objects

The desire to freely express yourself is shown in your dream of choking on an object. You prefer to hide behind some kind of fabricated identity when dealing with others. You conceal your true personality because you are worried you won’t be accepted, or you don’t have the confidence to show the real you. The dream is reminding you that for you to truly live, you should not be afraid to show the world who you really are.

Dreaming that you are choking on objects might suggest that you are experiencing difficulty accepting certain life events or situations. Additionally, the dream means you also find it difficult to accept some realities.  A particular situation is you are given unsolicited advice or are criticized for your beliefs or behavior. You find it hard to accept that some people don’t agree with you.

If you are choking on something but no one’s helping you, even if you’ve asked them to, the dream points out that you can be your ultimate true enemy. You are the one who is undermining yourself, not others.

If you are successful in getting rid of the object choking you, it indicates that you’ve been avoiding or ignoring someone or something in your life. You know you have to deal with it sooner or later, but you put it off anyway.

Dream About a Child Choking

Dreaming about a child choking is linked to your child’s developmental stages if you have kids in real life.  The dream indicates your concerns for them, whether they are developing normally or if there are any issues that should alarm you.

If you don’t have kids, the dream represents your inner child. Do you have a history of trauma as a child? Dreams about choking are frequently associated with how we digest memories from our childhood, and if you had a painful experience as a kid, this might be buried deep within your subconscious mind and manifest as a child that’s choking in your dream.

Dreaming about a kid choking in your dreams represents your vulnerable self. You feel powerless in your everyday life. The dream is a warning from your psyche that you need to take back control of your life.

The difficulty to swallow something reflects your refusal or reluctance to accept the concepts or values that have been pushed on you, as well as your desire for independence.

When you dream about a child choking you, it might represent two things. First is your fear of taking responsibility for others. Second is your tenacity and guts to never give up.

Dream of Someone Else Choking

If you witness somebody choking in your dream, this might be a signal of an argument, misunderstanding, or a dispute with someone. Most of the time, it doesn’t have to be with that individual you saw in your dreams about choking. It’s very likely the individual choking in your dream represents a loved one, family member, or friend who has unrealistic expectations of you.

If you see anyone else choking in the dream, it typically means you have suppressed emotions that you need to confront.

Dreams About Choking to Death

Dreaming about choking to death implies that there are certain circumstances that are attempting to prevent you from completely revealing yourself. These influences might be social settings, your personal fears, or others surrounding you.

You must believe in yourself and live by your own rules and stand by your own decisions to live a truly happy and healthy life. That’s the only way to be truly free and prosper without being suffocated by the views of others.

If you dream of choking to death, it might be a sign that someone is depleting your great vibes.

If you spend a lot of time with someone who is constantly grumbling, criticizing, making remarks, domineering others, or even being slightly violent, you may experience dreams of choking to death.

Dreams about choking to death could also represent the efforts you made and the hardships you faced. Furthermore, the dream denotes a circumstance in which you feel overwhelmed or a scenario that plays on your anxieties.

Dream of Being Choked by Someone

We often dream about being choked by someone when we are terrified of dealing with certain difficulties. Typically, the matter you are scared to tackle comes in your dream as a person who tries to choke you. The remedy is to muster the guts and determination to face the individual or issue.

The dream represents being emotionally suffocated by someone. This individual may be bombarding you with their gestures of care and devotion, making you feel as if you don’t have enough room to be alone. This individual might become so needy that your private life is invaded and you feel suffocated by their affection.

If you have dreamed of being choked by someone, it indicates that you are under a lot of emotional tension from that individual. This sense of emotional pressure manifests itself in the form of a dream in which you are suffocated by that particular person.

Alternatively, it might imply that you are hesitant to communicate your feelings to that person for fear of causing problems in your relationship.

Being strangled in a dream by someone you don’t know is associated with feeling guilty about anything you’ve said toward others. The dream also signifies that you are currently limited in your life.

Dreams About Choking Someone to Death

Dreaming that you are choking someone to death is a warning to put an end to something negative you may be involved in. It might be a toxic relationship, a dangerous job, a complicated situation, or a variety of other issues that your subconscious feels concerned with.

To choke implies that you are putting an end to the action right now. Your dream may also indicate there is somebody in your life with whom you are upset and thus would want to put a halt to their bad actions.

Choking someone to death means that you’re lacking support or appreciation in some way.  You believe that somebody is not doing their fair share and that you should always help them. You believe you are underappreciated or undervalued for what you do for others.

This dream also represents your suppressed rage. You desire to be able to control or overwhelm someone in your life. Your dream reveals how you are tensed and how your mind is warped. It’s a caution to pause for a moment and keep your emotions in check before you hurt someone.

Dreams Choking on Hair

To dream of choking on hair denotes a reluctance to accept responsibility. You may be unsure or perplexed about choosing a job because you are doubtful if you really can accomplish it efficiently. Your worry may mislead you to accept obligations that are wrong for you, causing you a major setback.

The dream suggests that you are struggling with something that’s making you uncomfortable. Perhaps you did or said something, or there are sentiments you’ve been experiencing that feel unpleasant like choking on hair.

In a dream, choking on hair represents the unseen and the unconscious. You are rethinking your life direction. After much hardship and setbacks, you will be successful in coveting the future you dream of.

Dream About Choking on Food

When you dream about choking on food, it means you’re punishing yourself, you’re feeling embarrassed over something, or you’re dealing with pent-up emotions. It can also represent sentiments that have gone unnoticed.

When you experience dreams about choking on food, they mirror thoughts, feelings, or circumstances that are proving to be more difficult than you anticipated. You could be finding it difficult to collaborate with other ideas since you believe yours are far superior and the only one that should be considered.

This dream, together with the inability to breathe, indicates that you are extremely ambitious or selfish and that you seek to obtain and gain at any price.

Dreaming about choking on food might also signify a huge weight that burdens you.

Choking in Dream and Waking Up Choking

The emotions in our dreams can be so intense that our mind is silenced and we awake abruptly, but the sentiments linked with the dream stay and can occasionally be felt on a bodily level.

If you dreamed of being choked and awoke with the sense of being choked, it indicates that you are coping with overwhelming emotional turmoil which is even overwhelming for the psyche to cope with. You should seek professional help to help you cope with your stress.

Choking emotions and having to wake up choking is common in the lucid dreams of patients who have sleep apnea or sleep paralysis. If you have recurring dreams of choking only to wake up actually choking in real life, you need to consult a medical doctor to rule out any health issue.

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