What Does It Mean When You Dream About Rats?

rat hiding

Rats aren’t everyone’s favorite creature. For every individual who believes they’re excellent pets or embraces their adorable qualities as easy-to-train geniuses, there are those that hate rats that argue they’re unclean, unfortunate, or carry diseases. If you’ve been having rat dreams, anything from folktale to puns might help you figure out what they signify.

Illness is the most prevalent metaphorical connotation of dreams about rats. So, if you were dreaming of rats, it might signify that you are concerned that you or somebody close to you would get ill. Another prevalent misconception about rats is that you are uncomfortable being around people or circumstances that cause you to feel like the odd one out.

It’s critical to understand that your views about rats have a major effect on their significance in dreams. The way you generally feel about them is usually conveyed to your subconscious mind. Do rats, for example, frighten the bejesus out of you? Do you think they’re adorable? Is it terrifying seeing a little one scamper your way? Considering these questions can help you interpret the meaning behind your dream about rats.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About a Rat?

A rat dream is related to deception, treachery, and other issues that are impeding your success in your waking life. You dream of rats when you believe that somebody is attempting to mislead you and drag you down, regardless of how tirelessly you strive to triumph. You dream of rats because you are attempting to conceal your inner sentiments and thoughts.

Depending on the setting of your dream, rats might symbolize a multitude of numerous things in your waking life. Each dream scene, together with its associated emotion, might provide a glimpse into your psyche.

It is not easy to figure out what your dream about rats means. You will need to delve further into the details of your dream and draw parallels to your real life.

For example, have you ever dreamed about pursuing a rat or a rat biting you? Were you terrified of the rat in your dream, or was it assisting you in a certain way? Your responses to these questions will assist you in determining the meaning of your dream.

What Does It Mean When You Dream of Seeing a Rat?

Many people believe that seeing rats in their dreams is the representation of all evils. On the surface, they represent envy, selfishness, and mistrust.


Their presence in dreams, however, has a more complicated connotation. Contrary to popular belief, these animals generally appear to encourage you to focus on certain elements of yourself in order to grow into a better person.

Hidden Enemy

A dream about rats is often connected with pessimism, wickedness, and negative forces. They generally represent an adversary or a former friend who started to turn into a competitor, someone you wronged in the past that wants to seek revenge, or any horrible person prowling about in real life.


Rats also emerge in your dreams when you need to isolate yourself from someone, which is due to your reluctance to trust them in any way. It’s your instinct tells you not to get too close to this person who might not have your best interests at heart.


Rats, if you haven’t noticed, are tenacious creatures. If you had ever gone rat hunting in your home,  you likely exerted yourself and gave up without catching the rat.


A rat can survive virtually anything, thus seeing a rat in your dream might represent your perseverance to overcome any challenge that comes your way.


Because rats can tolerate any climate or weather condition in real life, seeing a rat in your dreams is a good sign that indicates that you have the capacity to conquer the obstacles that lay between you and your goals by being patient and determined.

What Does It Mean When You Dream of a White Rat?

White rat dreams are often seen as a good sign. It indicates that you are on the righteous path. It may also signify the fortitude to pursue your objectives and the capacity to adjust to needed changes that may occur at any moment.

They may potentially be a red flag. Do you have any qualms about a certain person? You want to believe them, but your instincts tell you that you should keep a close eye on this person.

They may also represent dishonesty or misconduct, although with good intentions. You have the agility and ease to manage a tough scenario.

In your dream about rats, a white rat symbolizes triumph through adversity. You will face adversity, but you will overcome it.

The rats in dreams represent a peaceful and prosperous time in your waking life. Your worries will melt away on their own as a result of your positive outlook and mental acuity.

Dream of a White Rat Leading Your Way

Dreaming about a white rat leading you indicates that you will be working with people to launch a new job, and you will enjoy a prosperous life.

Dream of Well Groomed White Rats

If the rat in your dream is white and groomed, it represents the beginning of a new love connection. It may even be a huge romantic gesture if everything goes well.

Dream of Big White Rats

If you have this dream, you will be fortunate soon since they represent your chances of winning the lottery. The size of the critter is really important here. The higher it is, the bigger your winnings will be.

Dream of White Rats When You’re Single or Married

If you are a married young lady, this dream indicates that pals are plotting to break you and your husband apart. However, if you are young and single, the dream means that you will hook up with someone.

White Baby Rats

This dream suggests you will achieve victory over an argument or fight with someone in real life.

Dead White Rats

Dreaming about a dead white rat symbolizes nefarious plots by your adversaries to damage your life in the near future. They are likely to spread rumors about you, so you must be cautious and alert if you are to avoid falling into such traps.

What Does It Mean When You Dream of Dead Rats?

A dream about a dead rat may imply that you are feeling anxious about a realistic scenario. It might also symbolize a breakup, especially one involving betrayal.

Dead rats in a dream represent a lack of emotional restraint. This dream about rats may also serve as a forewarning of impending important changes in your life.

Dreaming about dead rats on the road represents the hurdles you must overcome in order to achieve your life objectives. If you are able to get rid of those dead animals, it is a solid sign that you will be able to conquer the challenges Alternatively, if you dream about the reverse, it may imply that you will get swamped by those issues.

Dreaming about walking on a dead rat reflects how unfairly you have treated someone dear to you. Now is the best moment to say sorry and make amends for your actions.

Dead Rat on the Water Dream Meaning

Dreaming of a dead rat on the water is sometimes associated with household troubles. Most likely, you are at odds with a family member, and this is having a significant influence on your mental health.  The dream implies that you should discuss the matter with the other person for the sake of your wellbeing and that of your family.

A dead rat in the water indicates that there are issues at work. Take close notice of the condition of the water in your dream. Muddy water means that you will almost certainly fail to prevent issues at work.

However, clear water signifies you will preserve your company’s image to some extent by handling errors carefully and effectively. As a result, you will get compliments and praise from others around you.

What Does It Mean When You Dream of a Dirty Rat?

A dirty rat coming in a dream represents an undesirable, bad, or frightening life situation that you may be ignorant of.

This dream about rats might also signify undesired or worthless ideas. It is suggestive of sentiments that are not socially acceptable, such as taboo sexual desires or a promiscuous sex life.

Dreaming about dirty rats might also indicate an immoral act on your or another’s behalf. It’s probable that your dream about rats represents treacherous action, betrayals, or deception in your real life.

In a dream, a filthy rat represents a robber or anyone who cannot be trusted. Your rat dream could be a bad omen that someone is attempting to mislead you, or it could reflect your worry of being deceived. Your rat dream, alternatively, might be implying you’re the untrustworthy one.

When you have a desire to introspect and analyze your actions toward others, a filthy rat could come into your dream. This dream about rats suggests that you may be acting inappropriately.

A dirty rat appearing in a dream might also indicate that you have been overworking yourself. In contrast, it might also allude to potential job prospects that you should keep an eye out for.

Dreaming about a filthy rat might also represent hard labor. You may be offered a fantastic career opportunity in the near future.

Your rat dream is alerting you that this seems thrilling; but, don’t accept the offer without first thoroughly knowing your anticipated position and duties.

What Does It Mean When You Dream of a Black Rat?

A damaged spirit and inner difficulties are foreshadowed by the black rat in dreams. Black rats reflect your darkness inside. This dream about black rats is a warning that you may be under stress or you feel depressed.

This dream about rats arises when you are feeling sad or devoid, and you are unaware of the true cause of your melancholic state. It’s essential to reconnect with yourself. Meditate, embrace positive thinking, and begin working on the issues that are bothering you.

A black rat in a dream may also represent the darkness inside you, such as suppressed rage or repressed sexual desires. It’s important to introspect and figure out what brought this dream. Healing and renewal will follow once you identify what’s causing this dream about rats.

If you have a dream about black rats, it might mean that you will be duped and betrayed. In contrast,  the black rat in your dream can also be a symbol of good fortune and luck in your romantic relationship.

To Dream of Rat Bites

A rat biting you in a dream represents treachery in real life. Someone close to you will reveal his true self.

Fortunately, you’re already wary of this individual, so this treachery will not come as a shock to you. This dream generally manifests itself at the most opportune times, such as when you’re assessing someone’s allegiance.

If you experience dreams involving rats biting or chewing on you, it might be that something else in your life is eating at your thoughts.

This dream where a rat bites you indicates that there’s something or somebody that is gnawing away at you. This person or issue is slowly draining you in real life.

A dream like this predicts that you might stumble into a trap. Maybe you’d feel obligated to accept the blame for someone else’s misfortune. At times, it may also imply putting yourself into difficulties as a result of your behavior.

If you’ve ever shared secrets with someone, a dream where a rat bites you indicate that this individual will backstab you and reveal your closely guarded secrets to others.

This dream also represents progress and achievement, particularly in your professional life. Despite the fact that the dream seems to be terrible, it is an encouraging dream. If you’ve always wanted to start your own business, it’s the perfect time to take that risk.

If you own a pet rat and you dream of a rat biting you, this means you will be successful in your business dealings.

When your fingers are bitten in the dream, this signifies that someone in your life needs your help to solve a problem.

To dream that your toe was bitten is a bad omen for issues or conflicts in your professional life. You might have a disagreement with a co-worker or a boss. There might also be circumstancesthat will hinder you from achieving your life goals concerning your career.

Your feet being bitten symbolizes your deeply held anxiety over being in a “rat race” so to speak or fierce competition for power and success with other people in your life.

What Does It Mean When You Dream of Colored Rats?

The meaning of your dream about colored rats depends on the specific color of the rat that appears in your dream.

Dreams About Blue Rats

A blue rat in your dream means that you should be wise enough to see things from a different perspective.

To dream of a blue rat suggests individuals or circumstances that cannot be trusted, even if they are striving hard to win your trust.

Seeing blue rats in dreams might also represent a former romantic partner who abandoned you. Such dreams about rats suggest that this individual laments leaving you and want to rekindle your relationship. It might also refer to prior events that have wounded your emotions in some manner.

Dreams About Gray Rats

Dreaming about a grey rat represents tenacity and perseverance. You are losing control of your life, but it is not too late to turn things around. The dream encourages you to use your past errors or experiences to lead you in taking charge of your life.

Dreams about rats that are gray indicate that you will experience a period of deep sensitivity. It is probable that you may face some setbacks at this time, such as having lost a friend or ending a romance. But don’t worry, this period will end and you will soon conquer it.

A gray rat in your dream represents an internal obstacle. You are afraid to express your emotions, which may keep others away from you. This dream is also linked to a specific concern that something bad will happen towards someone you care about.

To dream about gray rats implies that you are stuck in a boring cycle and want to add some excitement to your life.

Dreams About Brown Rats

To dream of brown rats indicate that you are stable financially but are unsatisfied with your life.  There are areas of your life where you wish to explore deeper

Dreams concerning brown rats are more likely to occur in those who have interests apart from their current career or hobby.

The brown rat in your dream signifies balance and harmony, security, and a solid work but you are still unhappy. You’ll live a typical life, yet you yearn for more. The brown rat appeared in your dream as a reminder of your unrealized talent and aspirations.

What Does It Mean To Dream of a Fat Rat?

Many dream dictionaries state that dreaming of a fat rat means that you are overthinking something in your life. The size of the rat symbolizes how deeply you’ve been overthinking something.

This dream about a fat rat could also symbolize your deep remorse towards something or someone. It could be that you offended or hurt somebody’s feelings, and you find yourself constantly worrying or feeling guilty about it.

You need to realize that wasting your energy overthinking or regretting something will not do you any good. Instead, figure out if there’s nothing you can do to rectify the situation, that way the weight won’t bog you down.

What Does It Mean When You Dream of a Rat Trap?

Dreaming that you set up a rat trap denotes you’ll be victorious and outsmart your competitors.

What it means when you dream that someone else set up the mouse trap is you you tend to be trusting. While it’s good to have faith in others, you need to be wary as someone with ill intentions can use that to take advantage of you.

If you dream of someone giving you a mouse trap, it means that someone or some people are plotting something against you.

Dreaming of a broken rat trap denotes that someone will attempt to sabotage you but that person will fail. You’ll figure out this person’s intention and stop him in time.

If you dreamed that you fell into the trap, misfortunes will befall you. You’ll fall victim to a scam or theft so you need to stay cautious.

What Does It Mean When You Dream of a Rat Poison?

Dreaming of rat poison symbolizes someone, something or a situation that is affecting your life in a negative way. This dream may also be an indication that someone is attempting to undermine you and wants your life to fall apart.

It may be that you have toxic people in your life, you are engaged in bad habits, or you find yourself in situations that are not good for your wellbeing. They are not beneficial for you, therefore you should maintain your distance.

If you ingested the poison in your dream, you may be allowing anything into your life that is damaging to your well-being. This might include dark emotions such as jealousy, bitterness, or greed. It may be prudent to stop this cycle of negativity  before you end up losing control over your dark emotions.

If somebody else is attempting to poison you, you may experience as a consequence of their actions.

The presence of rat poison in your dream means that you should be skeptical of a new opportunity. Be wary of receiving wage rises or bonuses. It might be a ploy to get you to take on obligations you don’t particularly desire.

What Does It Mean When You Dream of a Giant Rat?

If you saw a giant rat in your dream, it is typically a sign that something wonderful is about to come in your life. It might foretell some favorable scenarios that will occur soon, like an engagement or a promotion at work.

Big rats in dreams may also indicate that troubles have become too enormous. It is essential to address and tackle your problems before they explode.

A giant rat appearing in your dream, particularly if it does not glance your way, indicates that you will be doing something enjoyable with people you care about in the near future. This can be reunion with family members, an engagement party, or even a get together with friends.

What Does It Mean When You Dream of Rats Attacking?

If you have a dream about rats attacking you, it means that great opportunities are about to come your way. Rats were in your dream to tell you that chances do not come around very frequently.

In dreams, being attacked by rats serves as a reminder to be mindful of your activities and environment. Somebody dear to you has a proclivity to disappoint you.

Another dream analysis of this dream of a rat is associated with vengeance. Somebody might be insulted by your behavior, and this individual is now looking for a chance to wreak vengeance on you.

Storehouses are a common habitat for rats. Dreaming about being assaulted by many rats within a storehouse indicates that you have entered a prohibited territory. Did you overstep your bounds with someone? Have you said or done anything you shouldn’t have?

If you dreamt about fighting back after a rat attempted to attack you, it signifies you’ll discover someone has been scheming against you. This is fantastic news until you discover this is someone you actually care about. Dream interpreters conclude that such dreams foretell losing a loved one due to a betrayal.

What Does It Mean When You Dream of Rats Running Around?

Rats running in different directions represent changes in many aspects of your life. A move or a total change in lifestyle is quite plausible, and it might be for the better or for the worse, depending on your present situation.

If you are currently doing well, your circumstances may not be in your best interests. In contrast, if  you are presently experiencing challenges and difficulties, the adjustment is exactly what you need.

Fear is typically represented by dreams of running rats. This doesn’t mean you literally fear rats. The dream occurred as you may have been worried about being deserted by someone you care about. Though it might occur in any situation, the circumstance is most often connected to your relationships. It might be a sign, a foreshadowing of your spouse’s abandonment.

In Chinese culture, a huge rat running around foretells of a joyous occasion taking place shortly.

A rat running while it is hunted by the cat signifies you will lose money. Did someone borrow money from you ? This dream foretells that you will not get your money back.

Dream Interpretation of Rat Poop

In dreams, rat poop has various dream meanings. It might represent your inability to accomplish duties and commitments on schedule. This dream also mean that you’ve finally accepted and are working on issues you’ve been avoiding or repressing for a long time.

Also, dreaming about rat feces might indicate that you dislike what you are presently clinging to. Presumably you quit a job you like for a better-paying one. But perhaps you’ve learned that it’s not as interesting as it seems. You could be tempted to return to your prior employment.

This dream symbolizes your propensity to share your difficulties to others. You transfer your own difficulties or errors onto others. You end up judging some individuals and blame them for your personal life choices. You refuse to acknowledge that you do have a problem. You find it simpler to fault others for just about everything because you are too afraid to look closely at your life situation.

The positive interpretation of this dream is that it represents a significant transformation in your life. You’ve realized that it’s past time to get rid of everything that’s pulling you down. The poop represents the person or thing you wish to get rid of.

Meaning of Injured Rats in Dreams

Injured rats in dreams signify that you are feeling vulnerable. Because of past experiences, you are afraid of letting other people in. These dreams about rats are a warning sign that you are emotionally fragile and find it hard to fully trust others.

These dreams encourage you to embark on a spiritual awakening. It’s time to let go of all your repressed feelings and thoughts, so you can start piecing your broken pieces together.

These dreams also denote that you may be physically ill. It might be time to get yourself checked if you find yourself feeling sick for a while.

Dreams About Rats Chasing

Rats chasing you in your dreams indicate that you are escaping  someone you ought to approach in real life. This individual makes you feel uneasy and makes you question your own capabilities.

This dream about rats chasing you might also represent issues you’ve been evading or issues you need to tackle.

The dream encourages you to have the strength to confront your problems head on rather than avoiding them. If you opt to evade them, you may find yourself losing your chance later.

If many rats pursued you in your dream, this is a sign of significant success in certain areas where you excel.

Dreams involving rats pursuing you are a warning sign to be careful. This is a red flag that somebody close to you is betraying you. Keep in mind that the rat may symbolize deceit, dishonesty, betrayal, and distrust.

Dreams of Rats in the House

Rats are commonly referred to as destroyers in homes. Dreams of rats in your house indicates that you are having problems at home.

How were the rats behaving in your dream? Were they chasing each other or running around? Were they fighting over food? Once you have all the answers, you can determine what your dream was about.

If the rats in your home seemed to be playing around (running in all directions or chasing each other), this means you have a small disagreement at home. You may be arguing with your spouse or children over trivial matters. Nothing to worry though as these are small issues that you will eventually resolve.

If the rats were fighting over food, on the other hand, it portends a serious home conflict. It can signify an upcoming divorce or custody battle in your family.

Dream About Killing Rats

When you have a dream about killing rats, it represents repressed feelings and unpleasant thoughts against someone. The rat might represent a negative trait of your own or someone else’s nature that you despise or envy.

This is a reminder to look deeper within yourself and examine why you are having these feelings and thoughts. Work out a way to get rid of the negativity. Learn to embrace your flaws and accept that everyone is different. Once you realize your self-worth, you won’t be having negative feelings towards yourself and others.

Killing Rats as a Positive Dream

Killing rats in your sleep can be a positive dream.  This reflects your ability to overcome any obstacles or hardships you may face in your daily life.

Killing Rats as a Nightmare

If a dream involving murdering rats turns into a nightmare, it might be a warning of impending terrible news. It can also represent negative energy that has to be cleansed.

Killing the Rat Willingly

You will overpower your opponent if you strive hard. It might signify winning a case since the dream predicts profits and victory after defeating the other party.

Accidentally Killing the Rat

Is there an endeavor or venture that you feel were a failure? This dream foretells that things will get better and that your failures will benefit you in the long run.

Killing a Sick Rat

If you’ve been looking for a chance to sincerely apologize for faults you’ve made, now is the moment. Seek an apology from someone you have offended, or correct a mistake you have committed.

Killing a Rat While It Bites You

This dream foretells that you will conquer a health condition that has been bothering you for a long time.

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