What Does It Mean When You Dream About Elephants?


A dream about elephants is a message to the subconscious mind. Elephants are symbols of strength, wisdom, and luck. If an elephant shows up in your dream, there is something in your subconscious you need to pay attention to. In dreams, the elephant represents intuition and sensitivity.

When you dream about elephants, it is a sign of prosperity for your family. Elephants are associated with luck, wealth and fertility. In the western world, people have come to interpret dreams of elephants as a sign of success and growth. If you dream of elephants, it usually means that you will be successful in your business ventures.

The symbolism of elephants in dreams can vary based on the overall feeling of the dream or on the specific details within it.

What Does Dreaming About Elephants Mean?

If you’ve ever had a dream about elephants, you may have found yourself wondering what the meaning of this is. Elephants are intelligent creatures, known for their strength, memory, and family bonds. In your dreams, an elephant might symbolize a powerful force, a memory, or a strong connection.

Baby Elephant Dream Meaning

Dreaming about baby elephants represents the feeling of safety and protection. It signifies the bond of love between a parent and child. The dream symbolizes that a caring person is around those who need assistance.

If a single young woman dreams about being with a baby elephant or sees a baby elephant, she indicates that her self-confidence and positive energy are strong enough to attract romance into her life.

Seeing Elephants in Dream

When you dream about seeing an elephant, your subconscious is letting you know that you have positive things in store for you. Whether it’s a promotion at work, the birth of a child, or just some extra cash, elephants are symbols of good luck and fortune. He or she is assured a substantial amount of money.

Dream of White Elephant

When you dream about white elephants, it is said to mean that you have a misconception or are ignoring the warning signs around you. You’re totally oblivious to what’s going on, and it’s getting dangerous. You should always pay attention to your instincts, especially when they may warn you against something bad.

Dead Elephant Dream Meaning

Dreaming of dead elephants may symbolize that you are being confronted with the complexities of a problem or a situation. You may be dealing with something in life that is unfathomable and there is no clear solution for it. It can sometimes mean that you are getting ahead of yourself and imagining too many possible scenarios for an event.

Elephant Attack in Dream Meaning

When you dream about an elephant attack, it represents a fight that you are not ready for and cannot win. Your unconscious mind may be trying to tell you something important. It might be a metaphor for a project you are working on that is taking over your life or it could symbolize a looming fear or threat associated with something in your waking life.

Dreaming of Elephants in Water

Dreaming about elephants in water means something has changed, or is about to change in your life forever. It could also be a reflection of your feelings about yourself during waking hours. Also represents that you will overcome obstacles and succeed. Dreaming of elephants in water denotes that you need to be aware of the things which you try to avoid. This can also mean emotional turmoil, fear, or insecurity.

Angry Elephant in Dream Meaning

Dreaming of angry elephants represents a part of your psyche that is sensitive, alert and intuitive. These elephants are on red alert and trying to get your attention. Perhaps they represent something in your life that makes you feel threatened. This feeling of threatened might also be associated with someone in waking life who is concerned or worried about a situation.

Elephant Blessing in Dream

When you dream about elephant blessings, it is a sign that you can achieve high levels of success and prosperity. Elephant dreams have the potential to predict your progress in the future and encourage you to follow your goals. It represents a power beyond oneself and can be related to your own or others’ money or physical strength in the dream.

Dream of Riding an Elephant

Dreaming of riding an elephant is a sign of luck and good fortune on the rise. It’s likely to be an omen that you’ll soon experience a significant career achievement, like receiving a promotion at work or landing a new client. Many people also dream of riding elephants when they’re feeling uncertain about love, in search of deeper romantic connections.

Dream About Saving a Baby Elephant 

If you dream of saving a baby elephant, there may be a lot of pressure on your plate. You might feel that you have too many responsibilities, and can’t find a balance between work, family and other areas of your life. In the dream, the small elephant is helplessly drowning in shallow water — it desperately needs your help. You jump into action — you want to save the baby elephant and show him or her a better way.

Spiritual Meaning of Elephants in Dreams

The spiritual meaning behind dreaming of an elephant can be explained by its symbolism in different religions and cultures. The elephant has long been considered one of the wisest creatures on Earth, so whichever symbolism you believe, it’s likely pointing out your own wisdom.

Biblical Meaning of Elephant in Dream

In biblical terms an elephant represents a divine messenger. But this may be a very good dream to have. Dreaming about elephants can mean that you are about to receive positive news and some very good fortune. This doesn’t have to be money or material wealth coming your way, anything that affects your life in a positive way will be highlighted by this dream.

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