What Does It Mean to Time Travel in Your Dreams?

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A great thing to fantasize about or even dream about is time travel. There are several science fiction shows, films, or books that feature time travel, such as Back to the Future. Perhaps you’d like to alter something that happened in the past. It is quite common for us to imagine traveling back in time to a specific point in our lives. There is no need to feel strange about looking back or looking forward in time.

Dreams of time travel are often based on hope or wishes associated with moments other than the present. Romance may also be symbolized by the dream, whether it is past, present, or future, or our ideas about it. There may be a subconscious desire to affect or alter an event concerning a past event or situation.

As well as being prevalent in movies, time travel has become a usual theme in dreams. Dreams rarely involve time travel via a time machine, however. It is oftentimes because of past or current issues you experience time travel in your dreams. These dreams are not simply random events that happen to you.

Dreams of Time Travel

It is not uncommon to dream of time travel. Dreams can take place any time in history or at any point in the future, involving people and events in your past or present. A time machine may be the object of the dream, or some other device such as a flying carpet or spacecraft, or some other non-physical means of traveling through time and space. Dreams involving time travel may be sci-fi in nature or involve intense energy or situations. You may even have had an out-of-body experience when you dreamed that you traveled through time and space.

The dream usually occurs when one has recently thought about a past or future event, met someone from their past or is worried about the effects of a past moment on the present. You may wish you could return to a situation in your past and change it, and sometimes this shows up metaphorically as a time travel dream.

However, the interpretation will differ depending on what kind of time travel dream you have. Keep the timeline in mind when trying to interpret time travel dreams. Consider how you felt and acted while experiencing the dream.

Below you’ll find the different time travel dream scenarios and what they mean.

Dreams of Traveling Through Time

The ability to see or hear yourself in the future may indicate that you have a clear picture of yourself even as you age. It’s likely that you live a quiet life with your family and have big dreams for the future. Your vision for your future life is clear, and your vision will likely come true.

It depicts a need for a change of perspective. We are all driven by success and have goals. It might be necessary for us to broaden our scopes, shift our sights, and embrace all possibilities in order to reach that summit, to reach the peak of our endeavors. In a sailing ship, forward does not necessarily mean going in the right direction. Therefore, we should be wise with our decisions as well as explore other routes that lead to the same destination. In a sense, a shift in time enables us to see life from a different perspective, including how to view our goals and dreams, as well as how to make present decisions.

A dream in which you travel through different periods represents your life journey. Seeing yourself traveling in a dream, either by train, car, or plane, indicates a journey you are having in your life, a growth process both internally and externally.

Dreaming About Time Travel to the Future

A dream of going into the future can mean many different things. It means you are optimistic about the future and feel it will bring great things to you. If you have an exciting dream, that means you are looking forward to the future with excitement. There are so many possibilities waiting for you. You may be at the top of your career or about to reach it, or you have a great relationship with your loved one and intend to get married soon. A lot of promise lies ahead in the future, so you shouldn’t wait to take the next steps.

The dream means you are going to receive good news, create new friendly relationships, and no longer feel lonely. Soon, you can form lasting friendships.

In contrast, if you travel into the future, you might be burdened with a decision. What will happen if you make this choice? How will it affect your future? Think about how your life might be changed by taking a particular path. Any decisions, actions, and habits you are currently adopting may affect you and those you care about so it’s important to make the right call.

Dream About Traveling to the Past

If you are going through a hard time right now, you may wish you could be taken to a different time and place, whether that is a period from history or a time from your past where you hold fonder memories. Perhaps you wish you could return to a simpler or easier time in your life or are nostalgic about times gone by.

In your dreams, do you travel to a point in time when you were young, or when you were a different age? Interpret such dreams based on your feelings. Are you experiencing regret or nostalgia? Regret or remorse suggests you made bad decisions that altered your life and you would like to change or undo them. Feelings of happiness and nostalgia represent having a desire to go back to a happier, younger version of yourself.

You may have felt trapped in your time travel dream or not wanted to be there. Do you struggle to let go of painful memories from the past? A dream in which you travel back in time could correspond to being stuck in the past. Rather than letting past mistakes be past mistakes or letting go of past hurts, you may find it difficult to move on, causing you pain and regrets.

What Does It Mean To Dream of Time Traveling to a Historical Past?

Pay especially close attention to the historic event you are dreaming about if you dream about war, the medieval period, or even prehistoric times with dinosaurs. You may be reflecting on your own experiences.

The dream centers on the idea of cause and effect or butterfly effect. There could be important decisions you make that affect the course of your life’s history. You could travel back in time where your past decisions can influence present events.

If you find yourself time-traveling back to a significant historical event, this may indicate that you are at a critical point in your life. The decision you make may have a lasting effect. Consider the historical event in your dream as a mirror of your present or past circumstances.

Dreams of Time Travel to an Exciting Future

A dream of this kind is a desire to live in a world that is on the cutting edge of technology and where all things are possible. Looking into the future, you see that mankind will prosper and you want to be a part of it. Humanity will have the opportunity to explore the stars without restrictions and machines will do much good in society. Though you may see it as science fiction, you long for the future that this suggests.

This dream can also represent your position as one of greatness, and that more greatness is yet to come to you in the future, the kind of greatness gained through influence.  You should always seek out favorable opportunities with which to influence others positively.

It is possible that you may have been thinking about what your life will be like when you reach a certain age by observing and talking to people who are ahead of you or more advanced in life. Have you pictured an unrealistic future for yourself? Perhaps you are hoping that the future will be bright. Yet, life cannot be perfect, so it is important to be realistic so you can prepare for setbacks to prevent disappointment. It is also important not to compare yourself to other people. Everyone has a different journey in life, so you won’t get to where you’re supposed to go if you keep looking at what others are doing.

Dream About Traveling in the Past To Fix Something

In your dream, you may want to travel back in time to fix something because you blame yourself for something you did wrong. The hurt is caused either by a broken relationship you never repaired or by making a wrong decision. You often dream of going back in time to fix things, hoping for a better result. You can make peace about that past problem if there’s something you can do about it. However, if there isn’t, you should just be at peace with yourself and aim not to make any major mistakes.

You may wish certain events had occurred differently in life. Your actions and words may not be exactly the same if given a second chance. Maybe it’s time to consider the situation objectively, forgive yourself, and move forward. Making mistakes in life is a necessary part of learning and preparing for the future. It could also be a sign that you can still resolve a matter on your mind. However you interpret it, it’s likely a sign that you should re-evaluate what you’re doing.

The dream of returning to the past to correct something you regret deeply in the present signifies that you will soon accumulate the strength to forgive yourself.

Dreaming of Going Back to the Past To Destroy

In having this dream, you regret something you did in the past.  There may be a history of your involvement with some group that now imposes terror on the world, or perhaps you helped someone who turned out to be a bad person who hurt you badly. Your charitable acts resulted in appalling levels of bad deeds, since those you extended your helping hand to were not deserving of your kindness and instead misused it.

You are wasting your time and energy if you try to destroy something that you helped build. Regret prevents you from enjoying your current life to its fullest potential.

Moving on from the past requires making peace with the past. Make sure it is a learning experience and be careful with whom you share an idea, build something with, or extend a helping hand.

Dreams About Time Travel and an Unborn Child

In dreams, seeing an unborn child or conversing with it can represent your desire for a child. It is possible, however, that you had this dream because you are concerned about finding the right person to have a child with. Perhaps this is an important turning point for you. When was the last time you thought about all the time you had left to find that special someone, live together, and have a family? If you’ve been thinking about it too much lately, this dream comes as no surprise.

When you have children, it can probably be a vision of your worry about their well-being; about their happiness and health. In addition, you also exhibit your desire to be the best parent you can be and your worries that you will not be able to manage all your responsibilities.

It may be that you’re anxious about your health and if that’s the case, you would be wise to go to the doctor for an examination and relieve your anxiety.

Dream About Going Back in Time To Be With a Dead Loved One

You may dream that you have traveled back in time and spoken with a loved one who is no longer alive because you are in pain from their premature death, or because you regret their loss. You probably didn’t get a chance to convey how much you cared about this person since they were seriously ill or passed away so suddenly, and you didn’t get the chance to tell them.

Dreaming of returning to the past to reunite with a long-lost love means you still suffer. The memories you shared with that person still remain in your heart, and you are still unable to let go. The past still haunts you and prevents you from moving forward in your life.

We may also dream about going back in time to spend time with our deceased loved ones as a metaphor for endings in our lives. Dreams like these symbolize major changes in your life or the transformation of your personality. You could also think of it as getting rid of old habits, or even old behaviors and attitudes. Having this dream usually signals improvements that are soon to come in your life.

Dreaming of Traveling in the Future and Attending Your Funeral

When you dream you have traveled through time and you have attended your funeral in the future, you are in a state of uncertainty about how others perceive you. If you like someone and you’re unsure of how they will feel about you, you may be wary of approaching them. 

The dream can also happen when you think that someone is making fun of you behind your back and pretending to be your friend without revealing their true identity. It usually signifies the end of the disguises.

You might also be refusing to face the reality of your present life if you have a time travel dream in which you attend your own funeral. You could have endured a miserable life that has left you so discouraged that you want to divert yourself as much as possible. Your current problems should be confronted firmly and positively in order for you to move forward.

What Does It Mean To Dream About a Time Machine?

The desire to use a time machine indicates dissatisfaction with current life. It indicates a desire to escape current circumstances or find answers. Maybe you are seeking a better balance or sense of belonging. Dreams about time travel can also symbolize our hopes for the future of our dreams for the past.

There’s a message in a time machine that you should be wary of those around you, as some people could let you down. Some situations may be similar to when you experienced unfair treatment in the past.

Dreaming of a time machine represents an idea that is on the verge of development or is quite far along. In your dream, you desire exploration and experimentation. Something hidden within you is beginning to surface.

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