What Does It Mean When You Dream About A Tiger?

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Dreaming about a tiger is quite interesting, and finding out what such a dream means you must first understand what the tiger represents. The tiger is one of the large and powerful cats in the animal kingdom.

A tiger is a reminder for us to follow our intuition and instincts. Often when you dream about tigers, it signifies that there is a lot of energy and emotional work that needs to be done to fully thrive in a situation or overcome a challenge.

Cultural symbolism of tigers

The symbolism of the tiger is strongly observed in Eastern societies, such as the Chinese. Chinese traditions consider tigers to be mighty and magical beings. Old Chinese beliefs hold that the White Tiger is one of the five guardians of the world.

Chinese traditions also associate tigers with wealth, power, magic, and royalty. Tigers are also considered as highly spiritual creatures that have supernatural capabilities and powers. Tigers are a representation of prosperity, richness, generosity, and enlightenment.

The Chinese traditions hold that there are five tigers in the world whose responsibility is to create a balance of everything on the planet. These tigers are the Black Tiger of winter and water, the White Tiger associated with the metal element and fall season, the Blue tiger of spring representing the earth element, the Red Tiger that’s a symbol of summer and fire, and the Yellow Tiger, the symbol of the sun.

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Seeing Tigers in Your Dreams

The underlying meaning of tigers in dreams is that they represent energy and power. The energy signified by tigers could be bright, strong, beautiful, and helpful. This energy could also be unrestrained, destructive, and dangerous.

When you see a tiger in your dreams, it is a symbol of strong will, raw energy, strength, glory, and pride. Tigers can also symbolize a lack of self-control, arrogance, and cruelty. The energy can either be useful or dangerous. To understand what the tiger in your dreams means you need to focus on the tiger’s appearance and what it is doing in your dreams.

Tigers may appear in your dreams in different ways.

Being chased by a tiger

What does it mean when you dream about a tiger chasing you? When you have this dream, it’s a sign that you are running away from your emotions and feelings. It is likely that you’re afraid of power – either fearful of stepping into your own power or afraid of a person who has control or power over you.

The tiger is a representation of the worries, troubles, and fears that weigh you down in your waking life, and when you sleep, they haunt you. The dream is communicating to you that sooner or later, you’ll have to face these worries.

Escaping from tiger in dream

When you dream about escaping from a tiger, it can mean you’re feeling threatened in some way and need to get away from whatever is causing that feeling. Alternatively, it could be a sign that you’re feeling trapped or suffocated in your current situation and need to make a change. It could also be a symbol of your primal instincts and the need to protect yourself.

Sleeping tigers

When you see a sleeping tiger in your dreams, it could signify the presence of some hidden force in your life. The hidden force could be your strengths or talents, or it could mean there’s an occurrence taking place in your life that you were not ready for entirely.

Tigers on the hunt

What does it mean when you dream about a tiger on the hunt? To understand what this dream means, you have to remember that the tiger is at the top of the food chain and is often associated with hunting its prey.

Therefore, the hunting dream could mean that you are a goal-oriented person who is working towards success in your business or personal life.

Tiger Baring its Teeth

A white tiger

White tigers are uncommon in the wild, and therefore, seeing one in your dreams could signify something of great importance. A white tiger is a symbol of unique and rare intuitive gifts.

Seeing a tiger in the wild

What does it mean when you dream about a tiger in the wild? There are several possible interpretations of this dream.

The first meaning is that the tiger is representing your need to let go of your worries and problems. You want to be free from your worries. This dream shows you harbor a lot of suppressed energy that you want to be free of.

The tiger is a sign of your conscious or unconscious desire to break free from whatever may be holding you back and to take put down whatever is weighing you down.

The second meaning is quite similar to the first interpretation. The only difference is that this dream signifies a good side; it means you have freedom. You are aware of your talents, capabilities, and incredible gifts. You know what your strengths are, and you are trying to discover the best way to express and use them.

The free tiger is a representation of your optimism, openness of mind, and free spirit. It’s a good omen and a positive sign.

Dreams featuring a tiger in the wild could also be a representation of the forces of protection surrounding you that you might be unaware of. Tiger is a powerful and strong animal. If it doesn’t attack you while it’s free, it could be a symbol of those that protect you in your life. Your loved ones provide you with strong support, and you need to realize that.

Tiger in captivity

What does it mean when you dream about a tiger in captivity? Such dreams most likely show your suppressed frustration, anger, and a sense of helplessness. These dreams are trying to show you that you need to express your emotions that you can’t control. These dreams signify that you feel that other people are always trying to control your decisions.

If the tiger in your dreams is sad and weak, it means that you have to take action to change your situation. This dream shows that you feel trapped, stuck, restrained, and tired. You are in conflict with yourself and not necessarily other people.

There are mistakes that you keep on doing, and these mistakes make it hard for you to break habits that are not useful, and you always end up in the same situation. It would help if you considered changing your way of thinking and perception.

A tiger in captivity could also represent other things like your problems or enemies. Such a dream shows that you have overcome and fears and locked them away in the cage. It could also mean you have outsmarted your enemies and established that you are in charge. You will never let either your fears or enemies control your life again. Dreaming of a tiger in captivity can be a good omen as it shows you are taking back control of your life.

Dream Sequence

Riding on a tiger’s back

If in your dreams you are riding on a tiger’s back, it shows you have control over your strong emotions. Although you feel these strong emotions, you don’t allow them to control you. This dream also means you are in control of your instincts. We all have a primal force, but what makes us human is handling the instincts and making conscious use of it.

Such a dream could also signify you are in control over your life. You have found the perfect balance between your dreams, your actions, and your rational mind. You know what and when to say or do something. You are continually working on improving yourself. This dream is an encouragement to you that you’re on the right path to success.

Religious beliefs involving tigers

Tsai Shen Yeh, the Chinese God of wealth is often shown sitting on top of a tiger, a sign that emphasizes his power. Durga, the warrior goddess in Hinduism, is often depicted riding a tiger while armed with weapons. As a spirit animal, the tiger symbolizes willpower, personal strength, and courage.

A friendly tiger

What does it mean when you dream about a friendly tiger? This dream shows that you’re at peace with your aggressive side. You’re comfortable with who you are. You have not lost your influence, strength, and integrity, but instead, you know how best to use them.

A dream where you see a friendly tiger could also mean you need a bit of pampering and relaxing time. You feel exhausted from always being the tough one. There is no doubt you are proud of who you are; however, you are a bit lonely and need some compassion. The dream is telling you to open up about your feelings.

Show the people close to you that you are a human being with flaws and weaknesses. Once they see the human side of you, they will judge you less harshly.

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