What Do Dreams About Fish Mean?

Fish Bowl

Fish is a very common theme in our dreams. Dreams about fish can have different meanings and interpretations. According to an old tradition, such dreams have a positive meaning, but there is the possibility that the dream will be negative depending on the way the fish appeared.

In order for your dreams to be interpreted correctly, you need to consider all the details you have seen. You may have dreamed of a fish swimming, catching it, eating it, cooking it, cleaning it, a fish attacking you, or some other situation. Every dream is unique and carries a different meaning, so one should be careful when interpreting, even though it is the same symbol.

Below you will see some of the interpretations about dreams where fish appear. If you like to interpret your dreams about fish, then you will like this article and it will be very useful for you.

Fishing Boats

Possible Interpretations

Swimming Fish

If you saw a fish swimming in the dream, you will soon have good experiences in your love life. You will probably meet someone very special and you could go into a nice relationship with that person. Seeing a fish swimming in your dream is a sign of beautiful moments that await you very soon.

Also, this dream indicates that you will be successful in your business. When you dream of this, it means that now is the right time to start new projects and realize your ideas.

If the water where the fish was swimming was clear, that is a good sign. This dream is usually a symbol of prosperity, happiness, and success that you can expect soon.

Going Fishing

Dreams of catching fish are very common. These dreams are usually interpreted negatively. Dreams of fishing and catching fish could mean a problem in your near future. Catching fish is a metaphor for “catching” problems as if you were a magnet for negative energy.

This could indicate an embarrassing situation that you will face, one that comes as a result of your actions. This dream could also suggest something that will happen and surprise you, but not in a positive way.

However, these dreams could have opposite meanings. For example, if you have caught a goldfish or some rare species of fish that is considered a precious and valuable catch, then it means happiness and success. Such dreams are associated with wealth and material stability.

Try to remember the fish you caught and how you felt about it. If you felt good as if you had won something, then the dream has a positive meaning for you.

Catching Fish With Your Hands

If you managed to catch a fish with your own hands in a dream, that is not a positive sign. You could be emotionally disappointed in the coming period.

Koi Pond

Catching A Very Large Fish

If you dreamed of catching a very large fish, you should rejoice. This dream symbolizes happy moments that await you when you least expect it.

Unsuccessful Attempt to Catch Fish

If you tried to catch a fish in a dream, but you did not succeed, unfortunately, this could indicate that you will miss some good opportunities in real life soon. This could lead you to disappointment. You will regret that you did not pay enough attention to all the opportunities that appeared before you.

Buying Fish

When you dream that you are buying fish, it can have a negative meaning. You should pay attention to your health and take care of yourself. 

Cooking or Roasting Fish

If you dreamed of cooking or roasting fish, you may have to face some problems and stressful moments soon. You may also disappoint someone very close to you.

On the other hand, big changes may be waiting for you. It is time to change something in your life, in the love department, or maybe in business. Whatever it is, you might need something new.

Cleaning Fish

If you dreamed of cleaning the fish, that is a symbol of joy and fun that awaits you in the coming days. There will be many exciting moments and you will spend time with the people you love.

Bringing Home Fish that You Caught

If you dreamed that you brought home the fish you caught, this dream has a somewhat negative symbolism and could indicate obligations in the coming days. All these responsibilities will be related to your family though, so you may have to devote a lot of time and attention to them.

Boy Fishing at the Pier

Eating Fish

If you dreamed of eating fish caught by someone else or eating in a restaurant, that is a sign that you will receive good news soon. This dream could signify a good and successful period ahead of you.

You can expect abundance and wealth to enter your life. It is a great time to play the lottery and win something.

It is also important to note that if you ate different types of fish, it may have a positive meaning attached to it. This dream is related to your professional life and it is very likely that you will be successful in the projects you undertake in the future.

On the other hand, this dream can also have negative symbolism. If you ate a fish that you caught, you may have to deal with some health problems or some kind of accident. It is also possible that something bad will happen to someone from your family or friends.

Being Attacked by A Big Fish

If a big fish attacks you in your dream, it could mean you have emotional problems and are trying to escape from them. You might not have enough courage to face your challenges so you choose to ignore them instead. 

Talking Fish

Think about whether you might have trouble communicating with someone and try to correct it because it won’t get you on the right track. Also, think about whether you have been talking about something more than you should have lately. Be more careful.

Killing A Fish

If you’ve been dreaming of killing a fish, you shouldn’t have to worry about it. In most cases, this dream indicates great success in the future. If you have any opponent, you will defeat them and you will emerge victorious from every situation.

Grilling Fish

Dead Fish

If the fish was dead, you could expect a difficult period in life. Watch out for people around you because some of them may disappoint you. Although this is a symbol of disappointment, if you are careful you can avoid these inconveniences. 

Big Fish

Dreams of a big fish are connected with the big decisions you will make in your life. In most cases, this is a reflection of your real-life situation, where you may be facing choices but you are still not sure which is best for you. You have big changes, big questions, and big decisions ahead of you.

This dream could also be encouraging and help you to decide. If you only see a big fish that seems calm, and your feelings are not negative towards it, you should go for a certain opportunity that you have now.

However, if you feel especially upset when you see a big fish in the dream and you wake up feeling exhausted, the fish may not be symbolic of a great opportunity, but a big problem instead. You could end up facing something that you find difficult to deal with on your own.

Small Fish

A small fish can mean small but precious things in life. If this fish is bright in color, calm, and seems to be in good condition, you should appreciate every moment of your life. This tiny creature comes into your dreams to remind you that life is made up of small but very beautiful things.

You could hear some good news or experience a pleasant time in your near future. It could also be a lucky sign and you could get some money.

A School of Fish

When you dream of a school of fish, it could mean that you have a strong need to belong to someone, and you often get into bad relationships just to avoid loneliness.

Swimming with Fish

If you dream of swimming with fish, you could be offered participation in important and big deals. If you accept that, you could be overburdened, but your financial situation and position will significantly improve.

Fishing Rod and Nets


These are just some of the ways that fish can appear in your dreams, but based on the given scenarios, you can adjust the interpretations to your own dream. In addition, pay attention to what kind of emotion a certain dream causes in you as well as the attitude you have in real life upon aking up from your dreams. 

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