What Do Sex Dreams Mean?

Whether you believe it or not, there are many people out there who think that dreams are more important than rational thinking. Behind dreams, we can experience untouched emotions and even revive sexual fantasies.

You need to be fully aware of yourself and really understand your desires and emotions before you approach the subject of sex dreams. Sometimes, we have a hard time being honest with ourselves, and we fail to notice simple truths. That’s where dreams come into play.

When you are lone in your bed, your inner thoughts tend to resurface. Here are a couple of different sex dreams, which are quite common among people. So, instead of brushing them off, try to understand their meaning.

Your partner is cheating on you

Sometimes you might not always be the start of your dreams because other people may be involved. For instance, you may dream other people having sex, like your spouse, or boyfriend. According to numerous analysis, if you imagine your partner cheating on you, then you are insecure in your relationship. In that case, you should talk to your partner and try to resolve any issues.

What do sex dreams mean?

Dreaming about dominating someone or being dominated

Domination during sex is all about control. Even though some people don’t agree with this lifestyle, others believe it involves deep trust and understanding of your personal needs. So, if you are experiencing such dreams, then you may have issues with control.

In that case, think about your work, your relationship, real life, and your surroundings. Do you think you lack control in real life and can you put your trust into someone else’s hands?

Inappropriate sex

Do your sex dreams involve sleeping with your partner’s sibling, a colleague, or even a best friend? All of these people might appear inappropriate; considering the relationship with them shouldn’t be sexual.

Sex Dreams

In this case, your mind is trying to release the feeling, temptations, approving them, and processing them as appropriate. You must be wondering, what is the link between objects, events, and people in my life at this point? For that reason, your job is to make a connect the dots and try to explain them.

Having sex in public

While many will think that dreams about public sex represent an exhibitionist nature, it’s not always like that. In fact, this type of dreams is related to different feelings, such as vulnerability and being exposed to others.

You may be concerned about some embarrassing secrets being exposed, and that people will judge you. All that pinup anxiety will result in having a dream about public sex.

Having sex with your ex

Sometimes you will dream about having sex with your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. These signs will make you rethink your decision about the breakup. For example, maybe you missed a chance to have your happily ever after.

However, don’t dwell about this. Most likely, you saw something that reminded you of people who were once in your life. Maybe you saw a post on social media or remembered an anniversary date.