What Does It Mean to Dream About Dogs?

Nightscape with Dog

Dogs are man’s best friend. They have been offering companionship, love, and protection to human beings for many decades remaining loyal and serving their masters fully. Dreams are images and stories that are created in our minds when we are asleep. They can come in the form of joy, sorrow, fright, or romantic stories that leave us with good or bad emotional feelings in the morning after.

Dreams about dogs are most commonly about family, friends and relationships. Dreaming about a pack of dogs can be about family, while a dog as a companion is about a close relationship. Having a dog as a guide can mean you’ve got hidden potential to uncover in your waking life.

Man's Best Friend

Kinds of Dog Dreams

Having a dog appear in a dream may symbolize loyalty, protection, and intuition which are the characteristics and values that dogs bring to human lives. Dreams of this nature can be viewed to be symbols of fidelity in your life, death omens, guides to a certain direction that you are seeking in life, or guardianship roles that you are probably being called to.

It may also be a sign concerning a skill or character that you have kept at bay and ignored in recent times. It could, therefore, mean that it is time for reawakening your skills that have been lying dormant for some time now. Also, it could indicate a possibility of betrayal or inner conflict in yourself.

In the article below, we shall explore the mythological meanings of having dogs in dreams according to different cultures.

Siberian Husky

Dreams involving the Siberian Husky are a reminder for acceptance of the journey of life and the need to prevent conflicts and navigate through obstacles in your life path. Challenges are part of life and this dream may be a reminder that you need to fully accept the situation in your life as it comes.

German Shepherd

When a German Shepherd appears in your dream, it is an indication of your high protective instincts, which is a reflection of great attention that you have been offering a particular situation in your life. It is a reminder of the need to be alert but not to be nervous about the situation that you are going through.

If the dream is about you having a training session with a German Shepherd dog, it means that you are quite open to new ideas in your life at this particular time and you could be seeking reassurance hence the dream coming to you.

Chow Chow

If a Chow Chow dog breed appears in your dream, this could indicate a high sense of unwavering loyalty for those that are close to you. It might be an indication of being overprotective to those you love and it may be a call for you to protect your loved ones at that particular season of your life as they may be going through a rough patch that requires your care and love.


Seeing the appearance of Dachshund dog breed could be a sign of devotion to your goals and aspirations. There is a high likelihood that you are well-grounded with a rational thought process about your goals and aspirations.


Seeing a bulldog breed of dog is an indication that there are protective forces helping you move forward in your life. The protective forces are invisible and that is why you might have been having lots of success in your life. If this success has not yet come, it is likely to be on its way in the near future.

Golden Retriever

These dogs are reputed to be the friendliest and loyal of all dogs in the world. Seeing them in your dreams is an indication of good luck coming from an important friendship in your life. Taking into consideration that friendships are the epitome of relationships, you will enjoy good tidings through them and will reap handsomely.


Seeing this dog breed in your life is a symbol of fears that you are experiencing in your life. It could also be a representation of a person in your life, giving orders for you to follow. This might be a call for you to raise your guard and be cautious to avoid a painful situation from happening to you.


This dog breed is generally a highly intelligent and brilliant dog and its appearance in your dreams is a reminder to you about the importance of expressing your character and not feeling sorry for being different and unique. You have abilities, talents, and a personality that are unique to you and you should not fear letting them out.

Great Dane

The Great Dane is reputed to be an easy-going and strong-willed dog by nature. When the dog appears in your dreams, it could be a reminder for you not to let people take you for granted and a call for you to stand firm in your decisions.

Corgi on the Tracks

Dog Symbolism in Dreams

A pack of dogs

Seeing a pack of dogs could be a reminder of the need to connect with your family. Dogs are friendly to each other and the leadership they provide to each other is similar to that of human families. It is, therefore, a reminder for you to try and nurture your family’s relationships by reaching out to them and caring for each one of them.

Dogs as Symbols of Fidelity

Dogs are known for faithfulness to man. If you dream about a healthy dog that has a companion, it is a reminder for you to keep trusting those family or friends. However, if the companion dog is injured it could be an indicator of betrayal or a breach of trust that you should be wary of in your current relationships with friends, family, or colleagues.

If the dog in the dream is not accompanied, you should check out areas in your life where you might be sabotaging yourself.

Dogs as Guardians

When you encounter dreams about a dog that is associated with comfort, whose appearance is calm and peaceful, then it might be an indication that you are experiencing similar feelings in your life. You are likely to be in a season of life where you feel safe, comfortable, and satisfied with the status quo and the pace things have been moving in.

In reality, dogs protect human beings through force (attack dogs) and others through barking to warn the owner about an imminent danger. If the dog is barking in the dream, it might mean that you are being called to attention about a particular area of your life that you are currently pursuing.

Dogs as Guides

If the dog appears by being your guide in a dream, it could be an indication of your hidden potential in your life that you need to unlock by looking for a mentor who can guide you through the processes of life. Just as the dog guides you in the dream, it is a symbol for the need for you to look for a mentor who can see you through life.

Sleeping Puppy

Different Colored Dogs in Dreams

The major colors in dogs may also reflect different meanings when they appear in dreams as follows.

Black Dog

A black dog could be a sign of death or change coming over to your life. The attributes of dogs such as faithfulness, love, care are all in the heavenly realms, and dogs are known to occupy places in heaven according to some mystic religions. However, black is the color of the underworld and is a reflection of death.

Dreaming about a black death may not necessarily mean a physical death is about to come. It could mean that a friendship you value is about to come to an end or change is imminent in your life. Since change and transition involves loss of memories and experiences, it could be an indication of a change in your life and the dream is preparing you for it.

White Dog

White is a positive color that symbolizes purity, love, and all positive attributes. A white dog may provide symbolism of great value friendships and happiness. Once these dogs appear in your dreams, it may be an indication of the value that you have about friendships and close relationships with your family.

Brown Dog

A brown dog appearing in a dream could be a sign that you are not in control of your current relationships and it’s a call to take action. It could also be an indicator of a new valuable relationship on the way.

Multicolored Dog

A multicolored dog in a dream could mean a reigning confusion in your life that needs work on immediately. It is an urgent call to bring your life to order.


It is best to discern each dream individually and try to make meaning out of it per the situation in your life at any given point. Dream interpretations do not work in general because dreams are different for each person. For this reason, you should be completely honest with yourself when interpreting dreams that involve dogs.

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