What Does It Mean When You Die In Your Dream?

Black Crow Represents Death

The great mysteries of our dreams have plagued human beings since the dawn of creation. Seemingly, we are brought out of this physical world and taken to another dimension. In this new dimension, the laws of physics don’t exist. Anything can happen, whether the dreamer intends for it to or not.

When you die in your dream it’s a sign that you’ve moved on, or are ready to move on from something. Dying in your dream can mean your worldview or a point of view is changing. It often signifies the end of an era such as leaving a job or moving house.

While often dreams are very pleasant, allowing us to experience things we might not otherwise get the chance to experience in real life in a way that very much feels real, sometimes the things that happen to us in our dreams can be incredibly frightening upon awakening.

Dreams about death

One of the most frightening dreams a person can have would seem to be a dream in which they die. However, those who have lived through such dreams have come to realize that while the dream frightened them at first, the experience of the dream might have actually represented something very positive for them.

While in the physical world we die and we are gone, some believing our souls live on somewhere beyond and some believing we are completely gone and never to come back, in the dream world, death is not so finite. You could experience the feeling of dying every single night in the dream world and you would still come back to life in the morning, totally untouched physically by whatever ailment or attack had befouled you in your dreams.

This poses the question to us of what exactly our dream selves are.

What does it mean when you dream about death?

The most common answer would be that our dream selves are various manifestations of our soul across all other dimensions besides the physical. Simply, when we dream, we are experiencing first-hand our soul without the screen or filter of our physical bodies and its mechanisms. This is why dreams are so widely venerated in spiritual communities.

Spiritual communities tend to look at and appreciate dreams in ways that more atheistic communities do not. While there is no absolute scientific proof of the soul, many true dreamers have real first-hand accounts of the soul that they have attained through their experience of luscious and vivid lucid dreams.

Symbol for death

Now, the soul is immortal, as far as can be understood, especially in comparison to our physical bodies. Our physical bodies get old and sick and die in what amounts to one single wave or blink of the soul. Our eternal souls will last far beyond these bodies and anything else material in this world.

We have to ask, then, if the dream representation of our souls is dying while we sleep, how are we still alive? Obviously, when we die in our dreams, death is somewhat symbolic. The concept of “rebirth” through assimilation with religion or some other spiritual reawakening is very similar to what we are getting at here.

When we die in our dreams, something is definitely dying or represented as dying, but it isn’t exactly “us”, meaning our selves, as we exist right now.

It could be our worldview that is dying. It could be the end of an era, the death of a moment in time. It could be that tomorrow you’re going to get fired from your job, which may open up opportunities for you to find a better and higher-paying one. It could be that you are getting over the grief of a loved one, and the stages of grief have plateaued, allowing you to finally reach the end of your torment and move on.

Breaking it down, death of your self in a dream is most commonly believed to represent moving on from some phase in your life, or a great and impactful change that is taking place in the soul.

Human Skull Symbolizing Death

Death as an omen

If you are reading this, yet are not convinced, it is possible that your dream may mean something else. No one knows better than you about your feelings and emotions, and, given that dreams are a realm of feelings and emotions first and foremost, feelings and emotions being the lifeblood of the soul, this should definitely be taken into consideration.

If your death dream gave you cause for serious anxiety and was an all-around negative experience, it could mean that instead of something in your life-changing for the better, there is something in your life that you are needing to change for the better. Perhaps if you don’t make some change there will be negative consequences.

In this interpretation of the death dream, dying is less spiritually symbolic and more of a dire omen. Now, it doesn’t mean that you are going to die, it might just mean that things in your life might not turn out the best that they can for you given some current circumstances being put into place or certain life choices that you may or may not be making.

If you feel like this may be a more solid interpretation of your dream, it might be time for you to do some serious self-reflecting about who you are as a person and what exactly you are doing with your life. Commonly, our dreams can be considered the time when our true soul interacts on a one-to-one level with our ego, communicating dire truths that cannot be totally understood and comprehended outside of dreams.

If there is something very, very important that your soul needs to tell you and it doesn’t feel that it can communicate the idea through signals and symbols in your waking life, dreams become the best arena available for your soul to go about making some active changes for the better to you and your being.

Be very considerate about what your soul has to tell you. While often the message of the soul can be cryptic, conveyed through vibrations, symbols, and feelings much more than directly through words, it can always be understood, and your best method for understanding it is not in any book or compendium but in your own trusting and understanding of your self.

Consider your soul your best and truest friend, both your highest self and your closest companion. While there is a basic language of dreams that can be understood and communicated through the knowledge of man, it is imperfect, and nothing is as pure and vital as your own communication directly with your soul. Take heed of what it tells you about yourself and your life.

Mental preparation for death

The third most common thing that dreams about death and dying can mean is that death and dying are literally things that are involved in your life at the moment, in the past, or sometime in the future. In this case, the death of yourself in the dream could actually be considered a much more literal omen than before, in which case the dream might be preparing you for some acceptance of your possible fate.

It is a very good idea for the human being to be mentally prepared for death and dying, and to accept that it is the fate of all physical beings to eventually die. This is merely the law of the universe. There is nothing wrong with dying. In fact, most cultures widely venerate death in at least some capacity, most believing death to be merely a new beginning for the immortal soul.

Our existence is full of cycles, at both the macro level and the micro-level. Both large cycles and small cycles thoroughly dictate the ebb and flow of our physical universe. The end of one cycle is the beginning of a new one. The end of one cycle should not be feared, loathed, nor resented by anyone involved in the cycle.

Most commonly in this instance of the interpretation, your dreams about dying will represent repressed feelings you have about the death of a loved one, or the very existence of death in general. Death affects all living creatures, whether they are the ones experiencing it at the moment or not.

If you are upset about the death of a loved one, your soul might attempt to make some peace for you in the dream world by allowing you to experience death from a different and more personal angle. This is a means for your soul to allow you to come to terms with the death and develop an appreciation for death.

If your soul is telling you to think about death, it might be time for you to consider what it is about death that you should be thinking about. No one knows better than you, in your personal experience, and no one can understand your soul better than you can.

Day of the Dead


And with that, we have presented for your consideration several of the most common interpretations of the many dreams we may all be faced with concerning death and dying. While it is often very frightening to have a first-hand experience of dying in such a vivid form as a dream, when you are safe and comfortable in your bed just trying to relax and sleep away the day, dreams about death are very rarely something to be looked on negatively.

Most often, in fact, death dreams are a very positive way for you and your soul to come to a higher understanding of life in general and often dreams about dying actually represent the coming of some great and beautiful change. Let us consider that in order to be “reborn”, in some way we must first “die”, and that death can be manifested internally in a broad spectrum of ways. Any way you look at it, don’t fear and dream on.

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