What Does It Mean to See a Gun in Your Dream?

gun dream

A gun in our dream symbolizes a variety of things. Guns represent control and supremacy over others via force, violence, and the very worst people can do. Dreams involving guns can often indicate repressed or outward rage, violence, or danger.

If you dream of killing someone with a gun, you are seeking to cut out a part of your life, as other people are often projections of yourself. Your hidden instincts can also be represented by guns. A dream about being shot by a gun suggests that you are feeling vulnerable or exposed.

Whether you like or dislike guns, guns are undeniably powerful symbols. If you dream about guns, you may think about how you or someone else in your dream used the powerful weapons at their disposal. Were they used for protection, or for harm? Understanding the context of how the gun was used in a dream will help decode what your gun dream means.

What Does it Mean When You Dream About a Gun?

Guns in dreams indicate worries from your waking life. There may be a sense of superiority or pride behind this. Alternatively, you require a sense of protection, and your subconscious likely understood that need. When you dream about guns, it can also be a sign that danger is approaching.

An individual with a weak physical condition can suffer as much damage from a gun as someone with a strong physical condition. Big, strong humans are discouraged from oppressing small, weak ones by using this method. Thus, gun dreams may be related to the capacity to protect yourself.

However, guns are controversial because they can be used to kill people. Additionally, some people use guns for aggression rather than to defend themselves. You may have experienced a gun dream symbol for the same reason that wolves and attack dogs may represent the symbolism of predators since humans who use guns often face similar ethical issues.

Here are some of the most common gun dreams.

What Does it Mean When You Dream About Shooting Someone with a Gun?

Depending on whether you shot someone in self-defense or for aggression, dreaming about shooting someone with a gun has different meanings. The symbolic significance of killer dreams may also be relevant if you shoot a person in your dream and they die.

You may dream that you shoot someone in self-defense, and this stops them from harming you in your dream, which could symbolize that you can fight off threats in your waking life. Another possibility is that you hurt others to protect yourself.  Possibly you have great fears and you’re not comfortable appearing vulnerable to others. It might be that you hurt others as a way of preventing yourself from getting hurt or appearing weak. It might be better if you faced your fears and dealt with them, instead of hiding behind a cocoon of false bravado and harming others in the process.

Having a dream in which you shoot someone may represent a wave of hidden anger that you struggle to express. You may harbor hidden anger and damaging feelings towards someone. There may have been deep wounds you suffered from this person in the past or it may simply be that you want to hurt them.

Dream Meaning of Someone Trying to Shoot Me with a Gun

If you dream that you are being shot with a gun, this suggests that you are currently experiencing some conflict. Someone is targeting you in a situation in which you feel victimized. Be sure to note whether you anticipated the gunshots coming. Was someone pointing a gun at you before it was fired? There might be someone plotting against you in your waking life if the shots came unexpectedly.

Your dream of exchanging gunfire or returning fire implies that you are on the defensive about something. Alternatively, you may be faced with issues of passive aggressiveness and authority as opposed to dependence. If you were witnessing or hearing a gunshot in a dream, it might reflect conflicts you experienced in waking life, for instance, seeing other people arguing or fighting.

You may be trying to escape authority figures in your life if you dream about being chased with a gun while being shot.

Dreaming About Being Held at Gunpoint

In many situations, being pointed at by a gun is an act of confrontation. Be aware of your feelings when you dream that a gun is pointed at you. What power are you using to fight back? Do you own a gun for self-defense? Are you being robbed? Are you at the mercy of someone else, under attack or being executed?

Pointed guns can suggest that you’ve been in the public spotlight in uncomfortable situations. You may have been asked by your boss or superior to do an unwanted task at a meeting that you can’t refuse. You could be asked by a family member or friend to do a favor for them. It would be bad for you to reject the requests, so you have to agree to the terms. Maybe you feel trapped or abused into serving others against your will, and this manifests in your dreams in the form of being held at gunpoint.

Keep an eye on the gun’s point of aim. It can help you determine how much pressure or tension you are experiencing. When the gun is straight at your head, for instance, consider how dangerous it would be. Often, it implies that you have no choice but to comply if the threat is urgent. A gun in the mouth in a dream indicates that you are afraid to express your feelings. A gun pointed at your back signals that a betrayal is on the way.

What Does it Mean to Dream About Gun Shooting?

When you dream about shooting, you can feel fear, anger, and confusion.  It does not necessarily mean that a shooting will occur near you. A shooting dream usually indicates that you have deep concerns about something in your life.

Dreaming of a gun going off can be an indication that you need to release your emotions. Perhaps you are emotionally strung out, which is why your subconscious is requesting an emotional release and dreaming of this. Maybe you should start letting go of the weight of everyone you are responsible for and let yourself be stress-free for once.

When you dream of shooting, it could also be a sign that you are feeling dissatisfied and unhappy in some important aspects of your life. You may be unhappy with your relationship, your job, or the turn of events in your life as a whole. The feeling of not having achieved enough makes you seek happiness and satisfaction.  Just be careful not to make more mistakes by trying to find these in the wrong things or wrong places.

Dreams About Gunfights Meaning

Even if you and the other person involved in the gunfight cannot communicate physical conflict in waking life, gunfight dreams are a sign that there is conflict in your life. This level of hostility is more likely to manifest in dreams when you feel blocked from dealing with conflict in your waking life. If you think it would end in violence or at least unpleasantness, maybe you are afraid to start an open discussion with the person with whom you are at odds. Accordingly, you may feel like two sides cannot coexist and may have to destroy each other in order to move forward.

Even though it may be unsettling, shooting outs and gun battles aren’t uncommon dreams. Your waking problems and unconscious fears directly cause it. In a spiritual sense, you feel like you have been victimized or made vulnerable by someone. Could you possibly be thinking too much about the situation? Is there anything that hasn’t been resolved that has made you angry? 

If you return fire in this gunfight dream, you feel protective, or you feel you must defend the one you love, and you must safeguard what you have worked hard to achieve. When you dream that you have a gun locked away or disassembled, you’re probably not going to act soon. It is within your power to change things or make a difference, but you will not succeed.

Dreams About Guns and Killing

The dreams of guns and violence, just like in life, bear negative connotations. They portray the power that people have, which they may use for good or evil, and they can’t be stopped from doing what they want. It is your subconscious trying to communicate with you, and the more violent a dream is, the louder the message will be. 

Dreaming that you have killed someone symbolizes that you are repressing some anger or simply trying to get rid of them. When you kill someone, you are trying to get rid of something related to that person or something you feel angry about. Perhaps it has to do with something they do, a characteristic they have, or perhaps they represent someone you are trying to distance yourself from. It’s possible you aren’t even aware you feel that way in your waking life, but your subconscious is bringing those thoughts to the surface. 

Dreaming about being killed indicates that you are striving to rid yourself of something you do not like about yourself. Another possibility is that you feel let down or hurt by others. Ultimately, they broke your heart and this manifests in your dream.

What Do Guns Mean in a Dream?

When your dream includes shopping, acquiring, or purchasing a gun, identifying its purpose in the dream can help you make sense of it better. Are you more interested in protecting yourself, hunting, or are you intending to hurt someone in the dream? The acquisition of a gun within the dream signifies your progress toward your goals, though you are using a violent way to achieve them.

A dream in which you load a gun warns that you should not get lost in your temper. In some situations, it can also mean your ability to defend yourself. The right moment to act will present itself when it’s right for you. Often it indicates the start of an upcoming battle.

When you dream that you are unloading a gun, you are ending a period of intense pressure. You can now rest for a short while before handling any more threats. In the dream, you are told that you should stay relaxed and not be tense at all times.

What Does it Mean to Dream of a BB Gun?

Dreaming of using a BB gun or toy gun indicates your desire for greater power and authority. Your background may place you in an authority position. Possibly, you use a fake toy gun since working as an assistant for a boss. And with that “fake” power, you can exert influence over others in your department.

In your dreams, you may see a toy gun which signifies that something will threaten you in the future, but it will be handled quickly. If you dream of replica guns, the threat will seem much more significant than it actually is. The decision you’ve made will backfire if you dream of robbing someone while brandishing your replica gun.

Seeing or handling a BB gun in a dream predicts you will have to contend with family conflict or disputes for quite some time. If you dream of a toy gun, someone in your close circle may take advantage of your kindness and openness. If you have doubts about someone, don’t reveal your secrets to them.

Carrying a Gun in Your Dream Meaning

Dreaming about seeing yourself holding a gun in the open means that you are confident of your ability and authority.

A gun being concealed in the dream, especially if it is loaded and ready to fire, indicates that you are suppressing anger and frustrations. Instead of keeping your rage inside, find ways to let it out. Bottling your feelings could only result in reaching a breaking point, so you need to express those negative feelings before it’s too late.

A dream in which you have a gun on your belt or in your hand suggests that you are alert and ready for anything. Whatever threats or challenges come your way, you are ready for them and well prepared to face them. 

Dream About Keeping or Hiding a Gun?

You desire shelter or protection when you dream about setting up a gun safe or arsenal in the basement of your house. It could also mean a threat appears to be looming over you. Alternatively, you can also depict your family, your life, and your possessions in a dream with a gun collection as a sign of your power.

Dreaming of hiding your gun could symbolize that you feel you must conceal your aggression from the people around you. Being passive and compliant will make you appear less likely to be attacked; therefore, it would be best for you not to appear as a threat.

The interpretation of a dream in which you hide someone else’s gun depends on the reason you are hiding it. To hide the gun would suggest that you think the person in your life does not seem safe and that you are hiding it to prevent them from attacking you. Similarly, hiding someone else’s gun to enable them to get to it later could be a sign that someone trusted you and showed you a side of them that they didn’t necessarily show others.

What Does it Mean When Your Gun Jams in a Dream?

Dreaming that a gun jam or doesn’t fire suggests that a last-minute obstacle awaits you in reality. Recently, others may have asked you to handle sudden tasks. It has been your turn to act, but you have failed to do so.

Jammed guns that won’t shoot or don’t function indicate that your problem needs to be addressed differently. It may be time for you to stop and rethink your options before you try again. In the case of a malfunctioning gun and no bullets or a gun that ran out of bullets during firing, you may have wasted your effort.

Dreaming about misfiring guns signifies that your energy and time have been wasted. Despite your best efforts, you are not making much progress. A misfired gun actually shooting and injuring someone is a symbol of your unintentional actions hurting others. Your aggression or general display of anger is hurting the close people in your life even if you didn’t intend to hurt them. For instance, work may have been tiresome and stressful, but you ended up taking out those frustrations to your family or friends.

Meaning of Gunshots in Your Dream

In dreams that you hear a gunshot, and there is no context of violence or aggression, your gunshot dream meaning might pertain to a starting pistol used to start a race. The Pink Floyd song “Time,” which generally refers to how people waste time in their lives, states: “Nobody told you when to run, you missed the starting gun.” Dreaming of a gunshot, therefore, may signal an urgency to do something. If you have been looking for the right moment to do something, this dream tells you that now is the time.

You should be prepared if you hear gunfire in your dream because it is an indication that you will receive some unexpected news. No matter how good or how bad the news is, you must prepare for unexpected events that will occur in the coming months.

Gunshots in dreams represent the knowledge that someone else has made a powerful choice or warning. In addition, it may reflect your awareness that the delayed consequences of a decision you made have finally manifested themselves. Furthermore, gunshots may be a sign of a dangerous or powerful choice you are about to make that will change the course of your life.

Dreaming of Running Away from Gunshots

A dream in which you run away from shooting may be a metaphor for your inner conflict on where you are headed. If you feel unsatisfied with what you’ve achieved, or the circumstances of a relationship have unraveled, you may feel the blame lies with you. 

When you dream of being shot at and running away, it’s an indication of some negativity you have towards yourself. There might be something that you don’t like about your appearance, or that you haven’t achieved something, or that you have reacted badly to something. Even if it is just changing your perspective toward something positive, this dream indicates it’s time for a change. Instead of focusing on what you haven’t done, consider what you already have. 

Dreams like this one have to do with the way you see yourself. Oftentimes, your subconscious projects your inner emotions into your dreams. You might want to reflect on how you feel about yourself. Is there something you are trying to run away from which you are punishing yourself for? A mistake you made, or something you didn’t realize at the time? In hindsight, we can be wretched and unforgiving, especially to ourselves. In order to regain your equilibrium, your subconscious has sent you a message to let go, forgive yourself, and move on.

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